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[1990-08-25-USWA-Championship Sports] Jerry Lawler promo


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Lawler has been reinstated in Dallas thanks to Jeff Jarrett. Akbar has announced that Gary Young will have a mystery partner to team with Gary Young when Lawler returns to team with Jeff Jarrett. Lawler reminds Akbar that he can throw all the surprises at him he wants, but it won't deter him from his goal of taking out Akbar. This would have been a fun feud, but the USWA is about to lose TV on KTVT because of the man-on-woman violence, and Kevin Von Erich is about to make a power play to force Jerry Jarrett out of the territory.

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We're a bit mixed up here, guys. Lawler cut this promo after Terry Taylor no showed the tag match that had been hyped the previous week. There's another match scheduled for this coming Friday (8/31). Lawler basically tells Ak to save his money so he can get the best hospital room he can afford, because Jeff Jarrett and the King are going to send him there. This is a standard intense Lawler face promo; for whatever reason, Devastation Inc. is bringing out the best in him.


I wonder if anybody ever thought of bringing Ak and his crew to Memphis. I realize that Eddie Gilbert and Tony Anthony were doing just fine and didn't need the help, but the Memphis side needed a credible heel manager desperately, and if Ak wasn't what he used to be at his peak, what he was was still miles better than the best Memphis had to offer, which was probably Downtown Bruno. More than likely, he simply wanted to stay in Texas; I know he was heavily involved in Global, both on camera and behind the scenes.


I wonder why Taylor no-showed. Did he get a better offer somewhere else during the week of 8/19-8/25, or did he simply not like whatever payoff he was supposed to get from Jarrett?

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Lawler says that he’s sure Skandor Akhbar was proud of himself when he got Terry Taylor, the Red Rooster, to agree to be one of his members of Devastation Inc. He was real tough when he helped them jump Jeff Jarrett when he was all by himself. However when he found out he was going to have to face Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler on Friday night, the Red Rooster turned into a big yellow chicken and didn’t even show up! Akhbar found himself a replacement though because there is always plenty of scum beneath the rocks he reaches under, and in the bottom of those barrels he has to dig down to, in order to find his members of Devastation Inc. that listen to the garbage he spouts out. Akhbar can find as many of those scumbags as he likes but it doesn’t matter, he is their final goal, and Jeff and he will knock them off one by one until they get to him. At the end of this road they’re going down there is a big prize, its Skandor Akhbar, and this Friday they are going to reach the end of that road. All the oil money he’s supposed to have, all the wealth and riches he’s supposed to possess aren’t going to do him any good Friday, with the exception that they may be able to buy him a nicer hospital room! He better make that reservation because around midnight on Friday, he’s going to be needing it!


Another good Lawler Dallas promo, but Akhbar is the one thing that I just can’t get into on this side of the USWA.

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