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In a perfect world...

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Loss made the comment in another thread that in a perfect world, Bret Hart would be booking the WWE. So, what other things would occur in the perfect world? I'll throw a few out to get it started.


- In a perfect world, HHH would not be married to the head of creative in the WWE.


- In a perfect world, Stephanie McMahon would not be head of creative.


- In a perfect world, Ric Flair would have already retired graciously.


- In a perfect world, Eddie would not have flamed out as a champion and would still be carrying the strap today.


- In a perfect world, guys like CM Punk and Samoa Joe could come into the company and not have to worry about what kind of gimmick Vince would saddle them with.

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In a perfect world, Jim Cornette would be booking for WWE instead of 1,000 people for OVW TV no one outside of Kentucky sees.


- Vince wouldn't have a pathological embarrassment of "rasslin'" that leads to him doing things that hurt the core business.


- Aging wrestlers would retire instead of working well past the point of deterioration.


- Talented workers wouldn't get cut or held back in favor of jacked up stiffs.

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Guest HarleyQuinn

- Wrestling matches would be different, catering to the wrestlers rather than the wrestlers catering to the style.


- Strengths would be focused on for wrestlers while weaknesses would be hidden.

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Guest Dorian

In a perfect world, The Rock would still be wrestling instead of ditching cause of political bullshit played out (see: Goldberg and Hurricane).


In a perfect world, Owen Hart would be alive and well and World Champion.


In a perfect world, HHH would've never made it out of upper card.


In a perfect world, Jericho would've been one of the five hottest WWE stars. The other four being RVD, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Rock. Please note, I said WWE, as Austin would still be out of action right now.


In a perfect world, Brock Lesnar wouldn't be World Champion yet, but be on a path to becoming World Champion right now. Same for Batista.


In a perfect world, Undertaker would've retired. Same with Hogan, Flair, and Jerry Lawler.


In a perfect world, there would be no need for a brand split as WCW would still be alive. ECW, maybe.


In a perfect world, WCW would've capitialized on actual good talent they had and could build the company around like Blitzkreig, AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang, Jamie Noble. Instead of Booker T, Sting, Hogan, etc.


In a perfect world, ECW might've actually gotten on TV and made a run for being the best.


In a perfect world, even if kayfabe was dead, you could still play out faces and heels while investing into liking the characters being played.


In a perfect world, AJ Styles, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, and other great Indy talents (you know who they are, dammit) would be signed with either WWE, WCW, or ECW and be either top players or moving up into main event status.


In a perfect world, the wrestling business would still be the hottest stuff on television for ratings as well as getting all sorts of advertisers who demand to be showcased. This would also assume that wrestling was treated as a sport first, entertainment second, rather than the other way around.


In a perfect world, RavishingRickRudo would be head booker of WWE, WCW, or ECW. Or even purhaps a fourth company that was making an impact.


In a perfect world, Ring of Honor would be working its way towards becoming a new force for the top three to fight with.


In a perfect world, I wouldn't have to make up this list or actually have many more I wanna post.

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Guest Some Guy

In a perfect world politics wouldn't exist in wrestling. (which I suppose is one of my more uptopian overall beleifs of people being more selfless than selfish, as a general rule)


In a perfect world Goldberg never would have kicked Bret's head off.


In a perfect world WCW wouldn't have been so inept and still in business.


In a perfect world ROH would have a TV deal.


In a perfect world Samoa Joe would be in better physical shape so that he could tear it up in WWE.


In a pefect world Mick Foley, Bret Hart, and Jim Cornette would be agents/bookers for WWE.


In a perfect world Austin, Hogan, HHH, HBK, Taker, etc... would be more like Flair and Bret in thier willingness to put others over.


In a perfect world WWE would be consistant in their hiring/firing practices.


In a perfect world the WWE style would be more in the Bret Hart mold than in the HHH mold.


In a perfect world WWE would have real tag teams with a team name and a good double team finish. Shit, they could just rehash the older tag team finishers that haven't been seen in years.


In a perfect world WWE would realize that what's old is new, but the new guys should be doing it, rather than bringing back the selfish old guys to.

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Guest brian

In a perfect world, no one would die young. People wouldn't have to destroy their bodies, and no one would need steroids, painkiller, and massive amounts of weed and/or alcohol to keep up.

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