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[2005-07-18-NOAH-Destiny] KENTA vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru


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Kanemaru vs. KENTA - July 18, 2005

The match starts off with a vicious striking exchange segment that leaves both men wincing. KENTA is able to get an advantage, perhaps a foreshadowing of arguably the greatest match of his entire career, when Kanemaru feels pain in his left arm. KENTA was on that shit like white on rice, not just with his usual kicks, but showing off the submission holds for any morons that claim he's one-dimensional.

Kanemaru is able to get some advantage when he hurts KENTA's neck and goes to work on that, but despite some selling issues of his arm down the home stretch, he just simply isn't able to do enough damage to KENTA, who is obviously still bitter about their historic tag match the night before. After two Basiukee kneeds, KENTA earns the GHC Jr. Title to begin the next stellar chapter of his career. Some better selling from Kanemaru would have made this match something truly special, rather than just a great match on a stacked show in front of an incredible Tokyo Dome audience. ****

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An absolutely AWESOME Tokyo Dome epic, right here. One minor complaint is that KENTA's early arm work was total filler as Kanemaru didn't bother to sell it once it was time for him to get his shit in - but that is indeed just a minor complaint as it didn't play a big part in anything KENTA did, either. The match started off SUPER hot with that insanely awesome, hard hitting, fast paced opening sequence. KENTA was really good on control after that, working over Kanemaru in compelling fashion - Kanemaru's following control segment wasn't quite as strong, but still strong. The finishing stretch was much like the opening; red hot & it perfectly capped off this terrific match. ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2005-07-18-NOAH-Destiny] KENTA vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru

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