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Charles (Loss)

[2005-07-24-WWE-Great American Bash] Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

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Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - Great American Bash 2005

I know the June Smackdown match is fondly remembered but this entire series should be. From what I remember from 2005 is that a lot of people soured on this storyline once Dominic was added. Dominic is at ringside and if Eddie wins he reveals the secret. I have a higher tolerance for soap opera bullshit than the average wrestling fan so I'm down. Eddie has lost five straight singles matches according to Michael Cole. Cole & Tass were so good on commentary being strong babyface voices and really putting Eddie over as a sadistic, psychotic asshole. 

I thought Judgement Day & Smackdown matches were much better but this is still Eddie vs Rey so it is quite good. The execution is flawless. Eddie forces Rey to shake his hand for Dominic and it is Rey who lets Eddie have it. Rey is so explosive during his shine, I like Rey trying to end it early and sometimes his urgency gets the best of him. Huge nearfall when Rey gets the 619 and Seated Senton but only for two early. Eddie powders and plays some mind games with Dominic. This opens up Rey to an attack from Eddie. Eddie focuses on the back with laser precision. Tilt a whirl backbreaker (does anyone do it better?), Robinson backbreaker, wheelbarrow Suplex (great series of nearfalls as Eddie slowly descends into madness.) and a Gory Special. Eddie does character work so well. He is utterly reprehensible in this match. He uses Dominic when he is in trouble. He is arrogant and cruel. He is a great villain. He goes to the Dominic once too many and Rey unleashes a beatdown. Big time high octane Rey aerial assault. Loved springboard dropkick, 619 and missed drop the dime. When he missed you could feel the air let out of the building and even me. Eddie hits the Three Amigos and then again on the fifth Amigo Rey goes limp. So Eddie buries him with a vicious Brainbuster (does anyone do it better?)  and then a Frogsplash. Eddie is very cocky as he covers and Rey reverses into Oklahoma Side Roll for 3. He bolts out of the ring grabs Dominic and runs up the ramp. 

I'm not a huge fan of playing possum in wrestling that was clearly the finish. It makes the Brainbuster look weak especially one that good. I thought the body of the match was their usual exciting, well executed work. The back psychology was strong and Rey's home Stretch was tremendous. Eddie's character work was so so good. I thought it was a bit short and felt a little incomplete. Still it is Eddie vs Rey it was really fucking good. ****

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