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[2005-07-16-WWE-Velocity] Chris Benoit vs William Regal


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Chris Benoit vs William Regal - Velocity 7/16/05


Details, details, details. Two of the best ever at paying attention to the details, just the way Benoit will step inside Regal's stance to block or how Regal grabs his own leg to block a full nelson, it is all about the details. Great escalation in this. Hard fought struggle early ends up with Regal getting worse for wear in a headbutt battle as he gets busted this open. You are on Velocity guys you don't have to go hard, but if you insist. Love Benoit selling the effect of his own nasty headbutt. He struggled to get a Dragon Suplex, but hits it. Josh Matthews is such a smarky announcer, don't like it. Like how Benoit still needs to consolidate the advantage because he is in just as rough shape as Regal. Chops the cut on Regal's forehead nasty. Didn't love the transition, Benoit hit a suplex, but Regal got up first and hit a knee. Loved the Regal heat segment. It was all nasty holds, which make sense because he is bleeding and messed up so he needs to recover but dish out pain so nasty holds make sense. What makes this better is how Benoit struggles against these holds (Regal Stretch, Crossface Chickenwing, Dragon Sleeper/Surfboard). So both men were active. Didn't like Sharpshooter as hope spot as Regal took control back too easily. Loved the struggle over the Butterfly Suplex, really well-done (loved the Benoit backdrop as a hope spot before the butterfly suplex that only scored after knees in the clinch). Taking an extra minute or two to hit a highspot really adds to the highspot. Look at all those tenacious covers by regal. Everything is about the win. Nice standing dropkick by Regal. Benoit is such an underrated seller. Loved the WCW TOMBSTONE REVERSAL SPOT!!! Marking out! Benoit applies the Crossface while Regal is on the ground needs to punch Regal in head and then an immediate tap out.


Everything in that match was earned and urgent. Could have tightened up some of those transitions. The finish was logically built and great Tombstone reversal. Awesome match. ****1/4

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