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[2007-04-01-WWE-Wrestlemania XIII] The Undertaker vs Batista


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World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs Undertaker - Wrestlemania XXIII


One of those WWE 2000s matches that got a lot of hype, but I have not seen until now. Undertaker worked his ass off here. Being in the third slot behind, Cena/HBK and McMahon/Trump coupled with some lame Mania performances, I think really lit a fire under Taker to rip it up. I will say of all 2000s wrestler no one inspires more apathy from me than Big Dave. He is just there. He is really clunky in the ring, which makes for poor bumping. His offense is wicked bland. I even prefer Orton over him because at least Orton is athletic so he can bump and is a pretty solid hand. I will Batista's saving grace was he was really at playing a 2000s WWE babyface on the mic and probably the best ever until Cena finally got his shit down. I am talking that combination of smart ass and tough guy (Rock/Austin mix). It torpedoed Sheamus' career and Reigns' is still recovering. Big Dave was definitely the best at handling that material and still coming off as cool. Still, I never really gave a fuck about it. Unless his Hell In A Cell match with HHH is better, this the best match of Batista's career.


This is a total bomb-throwing sprint. It is just two hosses looking to give each other their best shot. I loved the dynamic they went for. Even though, Batista is champion because he is facing Taker and his Streak at Mania, he is wrestling like the challenger with something to prove and we even see him bust out a top rope shouldertackle. It was like they were doing Clash of the Titans sprint style. I have never really seen that before and it was a cool vibe. They escalated it well with each of them hitting their little bombs first and then shaking it off, which gave it that Clash of the Titans feel. Then when Taker goes for the Chokeslam it is Oh Shit time and Batista goes for the knee to the gut to break. Taker busts out his cool as fuck Tope on Batista. That is the climax of Taker's shine as Batista whips him hard into the bellkeeper's stand and then drills him through an announce table. It takes him a while to get him, which probably cost him the three count. Batista pounds away and now he is looking for the Batista Bomb, nothing doing and instead when he mounts the top rope to deliver punches, Taker hits the Last Ride. This triggers the big finisher-trading, but they don't go overboard, they trade set up moves, Batista Bomb connects, but gets two thats the big false finish. Clearly, Batista should go for it again, he does, but Taker reverses and after some teases nails the Tombstone to win the championship and go 15-0.


Really fun heavyweight spotfest. Part of me is annoyed with stuff like announce table being just another spot. It is funny how Batista Bomb >>> Announce Table. I just think it should have triggered more of a heat segment, but really could Batista work that, probably not. This was perfect they all-out with the action. It was a spotfest, but it had a weight and drama to it. It never devolved into my turn, your turn as there a sense of earning the move and proving themselves to each other. Definitely check it out. ****

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