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[2007-11-11-TNA-Genesis] Kaz vs Christian Cage


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This is a ladder match for the number 1 contender's shot at the TNA title. With it being a ladder match, you know what to expect. Lots of ladder spots and stupid bumps. Kaz, in particular, takes a brutal bump when he misses a leg drop from the top of the ladder onto another ladder. Christian gets busted open early one above the eye. With this being TNA, of course, there is a TNA moment where the contract hanging above the ring falls off. They have to fight over the clipboard it was attached to. Kaz wins after AJ Styles and Tomko's interference backfires. Good match mostly thanks to Christian.

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Christian Cage vs Kaz - TNA Genesis 2007 Ladder Match

A very WCW moment happens when Christian had his hand on the contract and Kaz wipes out the ladder causing Christian to take a nasty fall and the contract to fall, but not the clipboard. So they end up fighting over a blank clipboard which is pathetically hilarious. Oh TNA.

This match had a bit of buzz at the time and I am surprised I have never seen this before maybe it was not available during my original TNA rewatch project. This was supposed to be Kaz's breakout match but he was looking like a One Hit Wonder until he hooked up with Daniels in 2012. I didnt see anything special out of Kaz that say a Chris Sabin could not have done. Christian was the glue holding this match together. Great selling and bumping. Good timing too. There is a nasty bump right at the beginning with Kaz reverse crossbodying Christian while he was holding the ladder leading to Christian getting busted open hardway on his left eye. Nasty cut. The Christian splash on Kaz on the ladder and Don West put over these were real metal ladders. Had WWE transitioned to fiberglass ladders? I hate stupid spots and Kaz setting up the ladder and being like "Oh fuck I am too far away" was so fucking dumb. No shit, numbuts. Then he misses the legdrop and just nails the ladder. The dropkick that blows away the ladder and Christian bump was the best spot of the match. The contract coming down was unfortunate but funny. I forgot Christian Coalition! I loved that stable! I dont care what anyone says AJ was a great comedy character! His promo skills improved leaps and bound that year. Him and Tomko come out but Christian gets distracted and ends up falling on them from the ladder in the ring out to the floor. Ok the finish is pretty cool, Kaz lands with one foot on the top rope and he pushed off and re-sets up the ladder and gets the empty clipboard for the win! I didnt see anything special in Kaz. Just looked like your average Create-A-X-Division-Wrestler. Decent ladder match. ***

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