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[2007-03-09-WWE-Smackdown] The Undertaker vs Fit Finlay


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Undertaker vs Finlay - WWE Smackdown 3/9/07


I loved the tension of this match you always felt Finaly's control on the match was tenuous and just never knew when Taker was going to explode and destroy Finlay. I don't think I have seen Taker so explosive. When I say I am talking about a scary combination of power and acceleration. Brock Lesnar has it and Dr. Death had it in his heralded 1994 run. Taker was on in the run up to Wrestlemania 23 with Batista. I think he had a chip on his shoulder to show he could still go and from the ring of the bell he was totally focused. I loved the little things like Taker cutting the ring off the moment the bell rang. The bruising, tough guy Finlay had nowhere to hide. Taker landed some huge bombs and everything had snap. His big boot on the outside was sick. The best part of this match was Finlay's reliance on nefarious tactics to stay in control. First, it was an eye rake to get him outside from there Hornswoggle distracted Taker and the ref long enough for Finlay to jab a chair into Taker's ribs and that was the story of the match. Throw Taker rib first into objects. Taker would time his hope spots perfectly and just as well Finlay would find a way to attack the ribs to cut him off. I loved Taker gaining momentum, but on an Irish Whip clasping at his ribs only to have Finlay drive those ribs into the apron. Taker, like Jerry Lawler, was focused on punching his way out of trouble. Once. he got those bombs going, it set up for his finish run, unlike Rey Rey he did a better job fighting through the pain. They actually got me to bite a false finish for Finlay they went all in with a Hornswoggle distraction to have Finlay hit with the Shillelagh in the ribs and then head. I was thinking that it would set up a rematch, but they went with the kick out and SIT UP~! I have to say as far as no sells go, the SIT UP~! is pretty badaass. Chokeslam, Tombstone, BALLGAME! Great TV match for Taker going into Maina showing he was ready to rock and Finlay was a good hurdle. ***3/4

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