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[2008-06-01-WWE-One Night Stand] Shawn Michaels vs Batista

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Shawn Michaels vs Batista - One Night Stand 2008 Stretcher Match


Batista went on record before Judgment Day that if Shawn was indeed faking a knee injury that he would hurt Shawn Michaels. Once Shawn revealed that he was indeed feigning a knee injury, it was only a matter of time before the Animal delivered on his promise. Thus this match was made and Batista true to his word annihilated Shawn Michaels. I actually did enjoyed the cinematographic ending with Jericho coming out to rally Shawn and then Shawn hitting a weak Superkick to Batista's stomach before Batista says "I don't love you. I am not sorry." I know a lot of people hate that stuff because it is campy. I always liked it and it is a good play off of the Michaels/Flair match so kudos. Jericho tries to rally Michaels again, but Batistia drives Michaels hard into the steel steps and Batista puts him out of his misery. I like how Batista delivered on his promise of hurting Shawn Michaels. Babyfaces should deliver on promises. I think a match with Jericho against Batista would have been a smart play at this point before Jericho turns full heel. A rare missed opportunity in this feud.


Really liked this match. Again we have Michaels establishing Batista's power game. Wildly flaying into Batista's arms and then Batista just throwing him off. Batista just kicks ass and bulldozes Michaels. Michaels gains a reprieve by sending him into the steps and then bashing the back of his head into the post. That's nasty. Michaels even busts out the Owen enziguiri on Batista. He drives the stretcher into Batista. Batista goes for the Batistabomb but HBK applies a guillotine choke and Batista goes limp. Michaels gets Batista on the stretcher probably his best opportunity of the match, but Batista recovers. Michaels takes an insane bump off the post before Batista drives him into hard objects back first. Batista destroys Michaels with a clothesline. Batista charges into the post. This gives Michaels the chance to at least hit an elbow drop, but he is caught going for Sweet Chin Music. Batista goes for the Batistabomb to the outside onto the stretcher, Michaels wriggles free and BANG! Batista falls right on the stretcher. Batista recovers. They play seesaw and Batista whacks Michaels right the chin with the stretcher. The end is nigh. Spear...Batistabomb and the finish is recapped above.


No downtime. All action. Michaels has done an amazing job as wrestling as a heel in these two matches with Batista. Even though he is a lot smaller, he has been creative and effective in creating offense for himself. Batista was on fire offensively here just absolute monster. I don't understand the Jericho stuff well because my memory is fogging hoping some video packages will refresh my memory down the line. Honestly, given how Shawn has wrestled as a heel against Batista and the upcoming matches with Jericho, 2008 might be the best year of Shawn's career since 1986. Think about that! WOW! Watch this match. ****1/4

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