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[2008-12-14-WWE-Armageddon] John Cena vs Chris Jericho

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World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs Chris Jericho - Armageddon 2008


I get excited for the video package showing Cena snapped and destroyed Jericho and that this has a shorter match time. I thought as a way to build off last match they would have a more hate-filled brawl. Instead, they basically wrestle the same match, but without the same focus from Jericho. They lock up and it is a strong lock up but why is it even stevens? Cena is always presented as stronger and should have shoved Jericho off. That was bad. Jericho grabs a sleeper and hangs on for dear life. John Cena, why do you hate babyface shines? Cool spot early is Jericho goes for his usual springboard dropkick but gets caught in a fireman's carry on apron but transitions into a bulldog into the steps. Jericho's heat segment is not nearly as good. The comeback is so basic. The spots are generally well set up like Cena missing the Throwback and Jericho hitting the Lionsault. Or Cena going for the FU and Jericho landing on his feet hitting the Codebreaker. In between Cena is hitting his moves the legdrop from the top and an FU. STFU leads to Walls and then Walls leads to STFU. What was the hook here? They did the neck psychology in the last match. If you are going to back to that well, do it. It was sort of half-assed. Cena's hatred for the babyface shine kills me. Then just finisher trading down the stretch. ***

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