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[2008-07-28-WWE-Raw] CM Punk vs William Regal


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World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs William Regal - RAW 7/28/08


Wow! I loved this. Some context, Punk won his first World Championship about a month or so ago by cashing in his Money In The Bank on RAW which I remember was a hot angle. Punk was the first of the New Wave since the Cena push. I do recall Regal getting pushed pretty hard, pretty randomly earlier in 2008 but he was suspended for a Wellness Violation. I am a big, big Regal fan always have been. Regal is clearly wrestling this like he is still being pushed but we would see by next week that would not be the case. This match has what so many WWF/E matches have lacked over the years: struggle. Honest to goodness, struggle. It was not about highspots. It was about two dudes trying to pin or submit their opponent. It was lo-fi and gritty. CM Punk excels in these situation. I remember good match with Ambrose at the end of 2013. The chaining was very hard fought. Regal blasts CM Punk's head up against the post and Punk's nose bleeding profusely like a faucet for the rest of the match. I wonder if his piercing got ripped out. The way Regal manhandled Punk was great. He was really yanking him around. Hard shots and nasty holds. Punk got in an excellent flurry. He was whacking Regal. I liked how Regal blocked one kick but Punk just kept coming and then connected with the kick. The Half Nelson Suplex by Regal was awesome. Then Punk hits Go 2 Sleep. This was fucking fun and nasty. Really good short TV sprint. ****

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