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[2009-03-28-Chikara-King of Trios 2009] Kota Ibushi vs Jigsaw vs Nick Jackson vs El Generico


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I was given this match as a part of the match review trades, i have seen this match before a few years ago:


This was pretty much exactly what you would expect with these four guys.


There was a little bit of perfunctory mat-work at the start between ibushi and jigsaw, it was not very good. After that they get to what we came for in that they start hitting very fast sequences of moves and don't really slow down until the end. There is a small story of the young buck that was in this match and el generico working together against the others two on one, throw the guy out and then work on the other guy. But then they break up each others pins on ibushi in a elimination match because? the crowd starts chanting "this is awesome" after generico breaks up jacksons 450 onto ibushi.


After this short section they start doing a succession of two guys in, hit a few spots before a new guy comes in hits one guy out and then he hits a few spots. ibushi eliminates generico with a super reverse rana. jackson is eliminated with a jig and tonic before jigsaw is beaten by a phoenix splash.


This was very very indie, you had a guy in terrible looking gear with a crappy mask, you had screaming commentators, you had crowd chants and you had a lot of moves with little story or selling, and it was really good. There is no point in going into a match such as this and looking for a well told story featuring escalation and selling, it is as was described in the match review thread, a spotfest and it should be enjoyed as such. Just turn your brain off and watch some crazy shit, it is the equivalent of a big dumb action movie.


I usually do a star rating for matches but with matches such as this I find it difficult to do, as a rating I would go with big dumb fun and sometimes that is all you need in wrestling.

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