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[2009-05-22-PWG-DDT 4] Young Bucks vs Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong


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Roddy & Danielson spend the first ten minutes of this murdering the Bucks and it's a treat to behold. I think I would nearly enjoy this as much I did even if it was just a straight-up squash. Danielson is so ruthless and cold in particular. The Bucks struggle to garner sympathy as they are super unlikable, but luckily Strong & Danielson's brutal beat down swings the crowd in their favor.


The Buck eventually get a hot tag to the fresher partner and they manage to get some offense in, although it's not long before Danielson has Nick Jackson back in his grasp, attempting to put him away with some nasty stomps and a triangle choke. The Bucks dish out some desperation Superkicks and successfully pick up the win with a More Bang For Your Buck.


This reminds me a lot of the Bucks vs Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae match from years later, except The Bucks are in the LeRae/Ryan roles and Danielson and Strong bring the pain by straight-up punishing them with stiff strikes and suplexes as apposed to gimmicky weapon spots.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2009-05-22-PWG-DDT 4] Young Bucks vs Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong
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Roddy and Bryan beat the shit out of The Young Bucks and it's awesome. The whole first ten minutes of this is just Roddy and Bryan being just brutal to the kids and basically destroying them. It's amazing to watch. Bryan is head and shoulders above everyone in this match, he really projects this aura of intensity and danger that makes him stand out. Of course the weakness here is that The Bucks are sadly miscast. Long before they were cool names on the indies as heroes of PWG, they were incredibly hated by the crowd (possibly cause of their TNA affiliations as well). As such, casting them as the sympathetic babyfaces just didn't work. Add on to that they'd yet to fully figure out many of their signature spots (seeing Nick do a facebuster without immediately transitioning into a Moonsault outside is just weird now) and they don't have the same energy to them that made their future matches so notable. Not to mention that the finish did seem to come out of nowhere and felt unfitting for The Bucks to overcome the dominating force of the Dolphins that quickly. Otherwise, this is a fun beat down with another godly Bryan performance.


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