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[2009-11-15-TNA-Turning Point] Desmond Wolfe vs Kurt Angle


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Great match. Nigel's performance was so damn good, and that doesn't surprise me as the guy was one of the very best wrestlers in the world in 2009. Kurt Angle's performance on the other hand was, well, typical Kurt Angle, really. He did his usual stuff, but him also totally no selling the arm work done by Wolfe totally annoyed me. Had Angle sold the arm work better, this could've been a classic, but even with Kurt's shitty selling here, this was still GREAT. Hats off to Nigel as he managed to get a legit great match out of Angle, even with Angle's performance being not-really-good. Great stuff. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2009-11-15-TNA-Turning Point] Desmond Wolfe vs Kurt Angle
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Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe - TNA Turning Point 2009

Something I have wanted to see since it was deemed an "instant classic" back in 2009 and I thought it was pretty good. Wolfe's arm work is definitely the highlight. Some great torturous holds, and moves like a great Hammerlock/Back Heel Trip combination. Not quite Dick Murdoch good, but it felt fresh and unique. The finish run was a good blending of their moves. Angle had turned the tide with six German suplexes. They traded a Nigel lariat and then an Angleslam. From there, we did Anklelock dance routine paired with a top wristlock. The arm work was mostly forgotten down the stretch, but at least it was remembered there. Nigel counters the Angleslam and hits his finish looking thing (Ace Crusher from the top rope) to absolutely zero heat. Nobody not even the kids or the grandmas bought that finish. Nigel winds up for a clothesline, but Angle hits his own. They are kinda playing up that Nigel is targetting the neck in the latter stages of the match, but why didnt they just go full bore. They do a tombstone reversal sequence leads to the finish sequence. I thought the finish itself was really good. Angle moves from the Ankelock to try for a cross-armbreaker but with Nigel's hands clasped he gets a perfect side triangle choke and immediate tap out. They play up the story that Nigel is a newcomer, but he does not earn his offense. It just happens. The match felt like they were walking throughout it times. Lacked both energy and struggled. The arm work was good and the finish run was laid out well enough. A bit underwhelming honestly, but still on the right side of good. ***1/4

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