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[2009-04-14-WWE-ECW] Evan Bourne vs John Morrison


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John Morrison vs Evan Bourne - WWECW 4/14/09


Holy shit! What did I just watch? This was amazing! A WWE match with actual struggle! Wow! Morrison has way more of a vicious streak than I remembered. The way he jerked Bourne around in the Crossface Chickenwing was great. He used the ropes well, hanging Bourne up and then driving the knee in there. Strong strikes. That knee when Bourne was on the apron was great. Bourne is a great white meat babyface. He can sell his ass off, plenty of good hope spots and then what I was impressed with can bring the damn fire. Bourne hit a couple wicked left hands and then that clothesline. Little dude can pack a punch. They kept this exciting without losing babyface/heel dynamics and resorting to just a lot of spots. They really showed Morrison as the much larger aggressor beating the shit out of the little dude. Bourne having to make a comeback and did so by punching the bully in the mouth. The finish was great with Bourne getting to show off his aerial moves and Morrison taking them well. When Bourne went for the Shooting Star Press, Morrison met him up top and hit Moonlight Drive from the top for the win. It felt like a real struggle to win this match. Bourne was constantly fighting through offense and Morrison was brutal. He was reigning down elbows at one point. You can watch Bourne cover up and Morrison whacks him in the back of the head and Bourne yelps. WWE matches in this timeframe are good at escalation and they are very neat. They have figured out to blend in each other's moves. They know how to incorporate missing, blocking and finally hitting, which is much better than today's lets hit everything mantra. But what this match had that most of WWE matches have always missed throughout their history as a company is a real sense of struggle. Amazing hidden gem of a TV match! ****1/4

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