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[2009-06-26-WWE-Smackdown] CM Punk vs John Morrison


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World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs John Morrison - Smackdown 6/26/09


Wow! I was very impressed by this. Morrison must be bumming. They were giving out world championships like candy between 2009-2011 and like everyone of his cohorts got a crack at it but him. I think it was because he was positioned as a face. He would have gotten a reign if he was a heel. I remember him being very Kofi-esque, wicked light without much to hook your attention. He was hard hitting here and had some really nice spots.


Punk is a great pro wrestler. I don't say that enough. He is truly good and he works really damn hard. The opening chaining here is some of the best chaining I have seen in the WWE from this time period. Great waistlock takedown from Punk and then a nice double leg from Morrison. Punk goes for a roundhouse and Morrison ducks but connects with a full extension back heel kick to the head. It was really something to behold. Punk hits this awesome, awesome snap powerslam. Great torque. I don't think I have ever seen him hit that. Good work on the back and really nice German suplex too with a nice bridge. Again something you don't see too often from Punk. They really pulled out all the stops in this match. Punk goes for the sunset flip powerbomb off the apron so Morrison drops to his knees. OW! Wicked! Asai Moonsault to Punk. I thought Morrison hit a damn good clothesline at one point and started reigning down the elbows. Muthafucka came to play. Great spot was Morrison goes for a Shining Wizard and Punk catches the knee and seamlessly rolls into a single leg crab. Mark out city. Damn Punk is good. Good struggle over the G2S leads to Morrison getting Low-Ki's Tidal Wave for two. Good nearfall. Starship Pain, no Punk crotches him and hits a Super Reverse Suplex!!! WOW! I wont spoil the finish.


Reminded me a lot of those 90s workrate matches from Nitro. I mean that as a compliment. The match is exciting because of a lot of unique and interesting spots, but what makes it all worthwhile is that they are well-timed and well-placed within the structure of the match. They aren't throwing things out there. Also look what I am popping for, powerslams, German suplexes...it is not modified this and let me sit around for an hour waiting for you to get into position. This is the type of workrate I enjoy and really goes to show you that both of these dudes were damn good. Punk really looked like a leader and a star here. ****

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