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[2011-01-15-NOAH-First Navigation] Yoshihiro Takayama vs KENTA

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Yoshihiro Takayama vs KENTA (NOAH 01/15/11)

Takayama looks like he's fighting his son. Hilarious size difference here. There are some really stiff shots in this one and it would appear Takayama gets busted open hardaway. I'm not really sure there's anything going on here as far as building a match. They flirt with making the match about the size difference at times, but KENTA takes most of the offense, so that doesn't really work. It's just two guys hitting each other really hard. But sometimes that's enough I guess. It's definitely the appeal here.

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Yoshihiro Takayama vs KENTA - NOAH 01/15/11


Have always loved their 2004 match. I thought this match was not as fun as that match because Takayama has lost a step, but this is still entertaining. It is because Takayama has lost a step that KENTA has a chance in this match. In 2004, it was the scrappy, undersized underdog against Goliath when Goliath was at his peak. Now seven years later, Takayama is on the wane. KENTA bumrushes Takayama and hits a double stomp to get two. Takayama seems overwhelmed actually. When KENTA picks up Takayama, I think that's a bad idea, but KENTA is still overwhelming with speed. Then he does the one foot cover. OH SHIT! Now you disrespected the giant. Takayama brutalizes him with knees and sends him into hard metal objects. Takayama blasts him with a headbutt so hard that Takayama gets busted open hardway. Nasty. It knocks Takayama loopy allowing KENTA to apply an STF to sap Takayama's energy. The cool highspot of the match is KENTA's double stomp to the floor. KENTA becomes obsessed with trying to Go 2 Sleep on the monster, which is just stupid because Takayama is HUGE! Takayama drops KENTA on his head a bunch ending with the Everest German. This match felt nostalgic to me. Like I was watching two of my old favorites have one last shootout at the OK Corral whereas 2004 it felt modern. It was nice to see NOAH still in a decent size building. Fun David vs Aging Goliath match. ***1/2

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