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[2011-07-10-TNA-Destination X] Austin Aries vs Jack Evans vs Low Ki vs Zema Ion

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Austin Aries vs Low-Ki vs Jack Evans vs Zema Ion - TNA Destination X 2011

I was expecting an all-time great spotfest but was disappointed. There are some great highspots but this is as balls out as I wanted it to be. WWE has gotten so good at these multi-man matches that are devoid of thought but provide plenty of sensory stimulation. I think Jack Evans won this on style points but history shows that they made the right call putting Austin Aries over as he eventually got a World Title Run and was a main event player. I would say the pinfall break ups were really good Ki hit a double stomp at one point and Evans hits a crazy somersault while Ki was bridging. Evans had some great kicks and just loads of charisma. They clearly treated Aries and Ki as the stars. I am shocked Ki did the job but he took the 450 from Ion, 630 on his knees from Evans and then Aries dropkick/Brainbuster combo. I have seen Ion a couple times when I would flick on Impact over the years. He didnt do much to stand out. This was fine. Definitely overrated. There are better spotfests out there if you are looking for something mindless but visually stimulating. ***

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