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21 Greatest WM matches

Guest Steffie

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Guest Steffie

I found this on WWE.com and figured I might as well post this and see what others think.






?Macho Man? Randy Savage vs. Ricky ?The Dragon? Steamboat for the Intercontinental Championship ? WrestleMania III

What most people remember most from WrestleMania III is Hulk Hogan summoning up super human strength to bodyslam and defeat the previously undefeated Andre the Giant to retain the WWE Championship. According to some, however, it was Randy ?Macho Man? Savage and Ricky ?The Dragon? Steamboat who stole the show in their Intercontinental Championship matchup.


Savage was the Intercontinental Champion and defended his championship against Steamboat in November of 1986. During the match Savage used the ring bell and seriously injured Steamboat, crushing his larynx with the foreign object. Steamboat put all of his focus and energy into rehabbing from the injury and the two met to settle score at WrestleMania III with the Intercontinental Championship on the line.


The end result was one of the greatest matches of all time, which in turn became the gold standard of WrestleMania matches. Savage looked like he had everything going for him for most of the match. At one point Savage had Steamboat down and landed the famous flying elbow drop, but referee Earl Hebner was knocked out. Frustrated with the turn of events, Savage went for his weapon of choice, the ring bell. George ?The Animal? Steele, who was in Steamboat?s corner, cut him off and wouldn?t allow him to use the foreign object. Savage became frustrated and as the referee was coming back to his senses, Savage hit a bodyslam, but Steamboat turned it into a small package for the win, shocking Savage and sending the fans into a frenzy as they gave him a standing ovation.


This match was fast-paced with a good mix of brawling, technical and high-flying maneuvers. The action was absolutely seamless, and it?s no wonder that this match is still talked about today as perhaps the greatest ever in WWE and WrestleMania history.


?Macho Man? Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair for the WWE Championship ? WrestleMania VIII

Not only was this match for the WWE Championship, it was also about as personal as a match could get. Upon hearing the news that Randy ?Macho Man? Savage would be his opponent at WrestleMania VIII, Ric Flair announced to the world that before Savage was Miss Elizabeth?s boyfriend, the Nature Boy was seeing the first lady of professional wrestling. Elizabeth denied the accusation and Savage became a man possessed. To egg Savage on even more, Flair and his associate Mr. Perfect proclaimed that they had a revealing centerfold-style picture of Elizabeth that they would show the world after the match.


After a brief early advantage for Flair, Savage gets the upper hand and brutalizes Flair, beating him to a bloody pulp. Savage eventually hits the flying elbow, but Mr. Perfect pulled him out of the ring at the count of two. An irate Savage chased Mr. Perfect around the ring allowing Flair to recover. When Savage tried to get back into the ring, Flair nailed him with a foreign object. With the ref?s back turned, Mr. Perfect smashed Savage?s knee with a steel chair. Flair then pounced on his fallen foe and attacked the leg with vigor.


As Flair locks in the figure four leg lock, Elizabeth runs down to ringside to provide Savage with support. Savage reverses the hold, so Flair lets go, but he stays on the knee. After Savage tries a desperation small package, Flair taunts Elizabeth and works on the knee some more. Flair continued to taunt Elizabeth instead of focusing on Savage, and the Macho Man was able to roll him up with a handful of tights for his second WWE Championship.


Shawn Michaels vs. Bret ?Hit Man? Hart in a WWE Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship ? WrestleMania XII

Shawn Michaels and Bret ?Hit Man? Hart have one of the most storied rivalries in WWE history, and this match showcased the best of both Superstars. The WWE Championship was on the line in this 60-minute WWE Iron Man Match. Whoever scored the most pinfalls or submissions by the end of the 60 minutes would win, but with two Superstars the caliber of HBK and the Excellence of Execution, 60 minutes just wasn?t enough.


Both Superstars showed incredible endurance and perseverance throughout the entire match. In the beginning of the match, Michaels works on Bret?s arm and Bret?s point of attack is HBK?s neck. As time wore on, both Superstars took turns with the advantage as neither could get over the hump. Then, with about a minute left, Hart locked in the Sharpshooter. HBK stuck it out, though, and the bell rings at the 60 minute mark as, neither man had picked up a pinfall or submission.


President Gorilla Monsoon came down to the ring and ordered that the match be restarted. Bret went to work on HBK?s back, but Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music from out of nowhere. Michaels was too out of it to make the cover, but as both Superstars got to their feet, the Showstopper hit his patented move once again for the win and the WWE Championship.


Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship ? WrestleMania X

While Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat is highly regarded as one of the best ever pure wrestling match in WWE history, the Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X for the Intercontinental Championship has to be the most innovative of its time, and ranks among the most exciting of all time. This was the first-ever televised Ladder Match in WWE history, but with the way Michaels and Ramon performed, you would think they had been in countless Ladder Matches together over the years.


This match ended up being one of the most brutal and physically taxing of its time. The Ladder Match has evolved over the years, but this set the bar at an amazingly high level right off the bat. Michaels and Ramon took turns using the ladder as a weapon in new and painful ways. Michaels performed the flying elbow from on top of the ladder and used a baseball slide to ram the ladder into Ramon?s body as well. Ramon, meanwhile, sandwiched HBK between the ladder and the ring post and also slingshot the Showstopper into the ladder. Then in the breathtaking finale, with Michaels nearing the championship high above the ring, Ramon tipped the ladder over, sending HBK crotch-first onto the ring ropes. Michaels got tangled up in the ropes and was writhing in pain long enough to allow Ramon to grab the championship to become the undisputed Intercontinental Champion.


Bret ?Hit Man? Hart vs. Owen Hart ? WrestleMania X

On any other night, the classic between Bret ?Hit Man? Hart and his brother Owen Hart would have been considered the match of the night. While the Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon may have stolen the show, the Hart brothers put on a memorable clinic in their opening match of WrestleMania X.


In the weeks and months leading up to WrestleMania, it became clear that Owen was tired of living in Bret?s shadow. Owen felt that he didn?t get the respect he deserved, and he was going to stop at nothing to gain that respect. At the 1993 Survivor Series, Bret and his brothers Owen, Keith and Bruce took on Shawn Michaels and his Knights in a classic Survivor Series Elimination Match. The Harts dominated, but Owen was the only brother eliminated. He took exception to this and his anger began to mount. Then at the Royal Rumble, Bret and Owen had a chance to win the World Tag Team Championship from The Quebecers. Bret injured his leg during the match, and Owen blamed the loss on Bret being too selfish to make the tag.


Owen demanded the chance to face his brother in a one-on-one match, but Bret kept refusing, until he couldn?t take it any longer. Bret finally gave in and agreed to face his brother at WrestleMania X. Owen had an early advantage and worked on Bret?s injured leg for much of the match, but Bret looked to have things going his way as the match progressed. Bret connected with a bulldog, piledriver and a superplex, but nothing could keep Owen down. Bret tried to send Owen into the corner with an Irish whip, but Owen countered and followed him in. Bret went for a victory roll, but Owen reversed into his own pinning combination and scored the major upset. Bret went on to win the WWE Championship later that night, but it couldn?t change the fact that his baby brother Owen got the best of him at WrestleMania X.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship ? WrestleMania X-Seven

When one thinks of memorable rivalries during the course of WWE history, the classic encounters between Stone Cold and The Rock have to come to mind. Although the two Superstars have met on several occasions, they took their games to a whole new level at WrestleMania X-Seven in front of a packed house at the Astrodome in Houston, TX.


The Rock came into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion, but the Texas crowd was clearly behind Stone Cold. This was a No Disqualification match, so things got ugly awfully quick. Almost immediately, the action spilled to the outside as The Rock and Stone Cold battled through the crowd and then back to the ring.


After using any foreign object they could get their hands on such as the ring bell, steel turnbuckles and chairs, it was no wonder that The Rock and Stone Cold both ended up being busted wide open. Despite the loss of blood, both competitors continued battling at a grueling and punishing pace. Just as The Rock was gaining the upper hand, Mr. McMahon came down to ringside and foiled a Rock pin attempt. The Rock chased after Mr. McMahon allowing Stone Cold to take advantage.


Stone Cold nailed The Rock with a chair for a two-count, but then got frustrated and absolutely pummeled his nemesis with a serious of excruciating chair shots, followed by the pin. The sold-out crowd was happy Austin had won, but little did they know that he sold his soul with devil in an evil partnership with Mr. McMahon in order to get his fifth WWE Championship.


Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant for the WWE Championship ? WrestleMania III

Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan may will go down in history as the most anticipated match of all time. This incredible clash of the titans may not have featured any moonsaults or hurricanranas, but the whole world was wondering if Hulk Hogan would be able to overcome his biggest challenge to date.


Hogan and Andre the Giant had been the best of friends. When Hogan first defeated The Iron Sheik for the WWE Championship, Andre was the first one there with the champagne. While Hogan was basking in the limelight of being the new champion, Andre went about his business and also continued to dominate as he came out on top of his rivalry with Big John Studd and won the famous Battle Royal at WrestleMania 2, which included several NFL players. In fact, Andre the Giant was undefeated, but never had a shot at the championship.


Andre became sick and tired of Hogan overshadowing his accomplishments, so finally, on an edition of Piper?s Pit, Andre challenged Hogan for his WWE Championship and ripped Hogan's shirt and cross from his body. Andre went on to add Bobby ?The Brain? Heenan, a long-time Hogan adversary, as his manager. WWE fans flocked from all over to break the indoor attendance record at the Pontiac Silverdome, as 93,000-plus were on hand to see if the unstoppable force, Hogan, could overcome the immovable object, Andre.


Hogan let his adrenaline get the best of him early on as he went for a quick bodyslam, but Andre?s massive frame was too much to get up, as the Giant fell on top of Hogan, getting a near-three count in the process. Andre simply overpowered Hogan throughout the early goings of the match and wore him down at a slow and deliberate pace. Hogan attempted a comeback, but it was squashed by Andre and a massive bearhug. Hogan tried to comeback again, but Andre tossed his former friend to the outside and followed him out. With Hogan leaning against the ring post, Andre went for a big headbutt, but Hogan moved causing Andre?s massive head to meet the steel. Hogan was overzealous again, though, and attempted a piledriver on the exposed cement floor. Andre reverses it into a backdrop, doing further damage to Hogan?s back.


When the action returned to the ring, though, Hogan somehow summoned up every ounce of strength that he can, and in one of the most memorable moments in professional wrestling history, Hogan lifted the mighty Giant in the air and executed a bodyslam. One big leg drop later, and Hogan had defied the odds and successfully defended the WWE Championship against Andre the Giant.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret ?Hit Man? Hart in a Submission Match ? WrestleMania 13

This is the match where WWE fans really started to get behind the Texas Rattlesnake. Bret ?Hit Man? Hart had started to become increasingly upset that the WWE fans were starting to get behind Superstars that defied authority and didn?t follow the same strong moral code that he did. Hart felt the Superstars that fit that description were going to ruin WWE, and no one fit that description more than Stone Cold.


The rivalry had been taken to a new level over the previous weeks, and a simple match wouldn?t be enough to settle the score. A Submissions Match was signed and UFC legend Ken Shamrock was brought in as a special referee. The match started out as a vicious brawl right from the outset, however, as Hart and Stone Cold battled on the outside.


Once the action returned to the ring, Hart began to work on Stone Cold?s knee, softening him up for the Sharpshooter. Bret continued to go to work on the leg and locked in a figure four leg lock around the steel ring post. Austin somehow comes back with a slurry and locks in an armbar and a Boston Crab trying to make Hart submit. Austin then tried using Hart?s own move and locked in the Sharpshooter, but the Excellence of Execution was able to counter out of it.


Hart and Austin continued brawling using the ring bell and cables to try and wear each other down. Austin became busted wide open and was bleeding profusely. Hart was able to lock in his Sharpshooter on Austin?s already softened up leg. In a classic WWE moment, Austin is screaming in pain from the Sharpshooter as blood is pouring from his face and onto the mat. Austin refused to give up, but he eventually passed out, and Shamrock declared Hart the winner. Although he had already won, Hart begins beating on Austin even more before Shamrock put an end to it. After seeing such a heroic effort from Austin, the formerly pro-Hart audience became pro-Stone Cold and they never really looked back.


?Macho Man? Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement Match ? WrestleMania VII

With their careers on the line, Randy ?Macho Man? Savage and Ultimate Warrior definitely meant business in this WrestleMania classic. Further illustrating the significance of the match, Ultimate Warrior slowly made his way to ringside as it was one of the only times he didn?t sprint to the ring and shake the ring ropes.


Warrior continued his focus and intensity throughout the match, as he went with a startling slow and methodical pace, absolutely punishing Savage. Warrior slipped up, though, and missed a charge into the corner that sent him to the floor. Sensational Sherri took advantage of a distracted referee and laid in some more punishment. Savage followed the Warrior to the floor and sent him into the ring post. The action soon returned to the ring and Savage stayed on the offensive. After a couple of near falls, Savage went to the top rope and hit his patented flying elbow. To make sure he had the Ultimate Warrior down, Savage hit an amazing four more flying elbows!


Any mortal man would not have survived such an onslaught, but the Warrior drew power form all of his Warriors in the crowd and shockingly kicked out of the five elbow drops. The Warrior then rode his momentum and went on the offensive hitting his Gorilla Press Slam and splash, but then Savage inexplicably kicked out at two.


After a brief comeback attempt by Savage, the Warrior sent Savage out to the floor twice with two huge spears, sent him back in, hit a flying shoulder block, sending Savage into retirement in an instant classic.


Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match for the European and Intercontinental Championships ? WrestleMania 2000

Anytime Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle are in a match, you?re likely to witness an instant classic, but when you put the three of them in the same match, an instant classic is guaranteed. This was a very unique match in that both the European and Intercontinental Championships were on the line in a Triple Threat Match. It was a two-fall match, and the first fall would decide the Intercontinental Championship and the second fall would decide the European Championship.


Benoit ended up utilizing his swan dive headbutt to pin Chris Jericho to win the first fall and thus became the new Intercontinental Champion. The action continued and Angle went on the offensive, taking out both Benoit and Jericho, but then missed a moonsault. Jericho locked in the Lion Tamer on Angle, before Benoit broke it up. As the match progressed, Jericho hooked in the Lion Tamer on Benoit this time, but Angle came back and knocked Jericho out with the European Championship. Benoit then suplexed Angle, but missed the headbutt. Jericho took advantage and hit the Lion Sault for the pin and the European Championship. Kurt Angle walked in with both championships and lost both championships without even being pinned once.


Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudleys in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the World Tag Team Championship ? WrestleMania X-Seven

They say that the original is always better than the sequel but Edge, Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudleys proved that theory wrong when they met for the second year in a row in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the World Tag Team Championship. Their first encounter in this type of match stole the show at SummerSlam 2000, and the same was the case at WrestleMania X-Seven. While the first TLC Match may have set the bar extremely high, the sequel took it to a whole new level that has yet to be matched.


The Dudleys came in as the champions, but not only would they walk out without the championship, they and the other four competitors found it difficult to just walk out period. Just some of the memorable moments during the match include Edge spearing Matt Hardy off a ladder, Christian falling off a ladder all the way out to the floor and Jeff Hardy walking across the tops of four ladders only to end dangling in mid air and speared to the floor by Edge. The match also featured interference from Spike Dudley and Rhyno, and Rhyno played a huge role in the outcome.


After Edge speared Jeff Hardy to the floor, Bubba Ray Dudley and Matt Hardy started to climb a ladder, but Rhyno threw them out of the ring sending them crashing into a double stack of tables. Then with a little more help from Rhyno, Edge and Christian beat D-Von to the top to regain the World Tag Team Championship for the seventh time.


Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior for the WWE Championship and Intercontinental Championship ? WrestleMania VI

This classic encounter was billed as the Ultimate Challenge. Hulk Hogan came in as the WWE Champion and Ultimate Warrior came in as the Intercontinental Champion. Both championships were on the line in this winner-take-all match. The raucous Toronto SkyDome crowd was clearly torn, as they couldn?t seem to make up their mind on which Superstar to root for.


After a couple of stare-downs and tests of strengths, Hogan had the first major advantage in the match. After a backbreaker, a rear chin lock and a suplex, the Warrior started to make his comeback. He fought back with a series of power moves before going to the mighty bearhug. Hogan managed to fight out of it, but the Warrior eventually came back with the Gorilla Press Slam and the splash, but Hogan became the first person at that time to kick out of the Warrior?s finishing maneuvers.


Hogan then made another comeback and managed to hit the big boot, but his patented leg drop missed as the Warrior moved out of the way. Ultimate Warrior hit a second splash, and this time Hogan coudn ?t get up, as the Warrior became both the Intercontinental and WWE Champion. After the match, in a showing of good sportsmanship, Hogan handed over the WWE Championship as the two Superstars embraced in the center of the ring capping off another WrestleMania classic.


Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship ? WrestleMania XX

This match marked the first time the main event of WrestleMania was a Triple Threat Match. After years of critics saying he could never win the big one, Chris Benoit entered the 2004 Royal Rumble at No. 1 and outlasted 29 other men to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX. Benoit had been a member of SmackDown! but chose to jump ship to RAW so that he could face Triple H.


Shawn Michaels, however, still had an axe to grind with Triple H. So, during Benoit?s contract signing, HBK knocked Benoit out with Sweet Chin Music and signed the contract himself. To clear things up, the match was then declared a Triple Threat Match.


The end result was an action-packed bloodbath with a happy ending. Benoit, Michaels and Triple H beat each other to the point of exhaustion. As the match progressed, all three competitors found it difficult to merely stand on their own two feet. As Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music on Benoit, the Crippler tossed the Showstopper to the outside. As he turned around, Triple H tried to execute the Pedigree, but Benoit countered it into the Crippler Crossface in the center of the ring. Triple H almost made it to the ropes, but Benoit pulled him back, and The Game tapped out as Benoit?s 18 years of hard work finally payed off. In a classic moment, Benoit celebrated in the middle of the ring afterwards with one of his best friends, Eddie Guerrero, and then later his family, as confetti filled Madison Square Garden.


Hulk Hogan vs. ?Macho Man? Randy Savage for the WWE Championship ? WrestleMania V

It was the night The Mega Powers exploded. It was two former best friends turned into the worst of enemies. It was the classic scenario of a beautiful woman coming between two men. It was Hulk Hogan vs. Randy ?Macho Man? Savage. It was for the WWE Championship, and it was at WrestleMania V.


It was just a year before this match that Hogan helped Savage win the WWE Championship in a tournament at WrestleMania IV. After the win, Hogan and Savage united to form the Mega Powers, one of the most powerful teams in WWE history. Then, on an edition of Saturday Night?s Main Event, the Mega Powers faced The Twin Towers, Akeem & Big Boss Man. During the match, Savage was thrown out of the ring onto Miss Elizabeth, knocking her out. As Savage struggled to recover, Hogan scooped up Elizabeth in his arms and rushed her to the back for medical attention. Instead of going back out to help Savage, Hogan remained by Elizabeth?s side. After the match Savage became consumed with jealousy, thinking that Hogan was going after his woman. Savage stormed to the backstage area where Elizabeth was receiving medical attention and attacked Hogan. The two continued to brawl, tearing the place apart. That set the stage for this classic confrontation.


Elizabeth was so torn on which side to be on, that she ultimately stood in a neutral corner and cheered on both Superstars. From the outset, it was obvious that her presence would be more of a detriment than anything as Savage used her to ward off an attack from Hogan. After that Savage used every trick in the book to try and take out Hogan. Savage shoved Hogan into the steel ring post, busting his head wide open. Savage also utilized the tape around his wrists to try and choke the life out of Hogan. With Hogan gasping for air on the mat, Savage climbed the ropes and landed the flying elbow, but Hogan somehow kicked out.


Hogan completed the comeback by hitting the big boot and the mighty leg drop for the win and his second WWE Championship.


Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit ? WrestleMania X-Seven

There weren?t any championships on the line in this one, but with two great mat technicians like Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, all you really need is the ring and they will deliver a stellar match. These two Superstars immediately went into a couple of mat wrestling sequences, illustrating to the crowd their sound, technical backgrounds. Angle was an NCAA and Olympic champion, and Benoit was a graduate of the famed Stu Hart Dungeon.


Angle and Benoit also showed they can back up their mat wrestling with some intense brawling as the action spilled to the outside. Benoit and Angle used the announce tables, the steel steps and everything but the kitchen sink to soften each other up. The two then put on a suplexing clinic before showing the world their array of submission maneuvers. Angle hooked in his ankle lock, but Benoit was able to counter into his own version of the hold. Then Benoit hooked in his Crippler Crossface and Angle was able to counter in his own version of the hold. After Angle missed a moonsault, Benoit hit his diving headbutt. Both men slowly got to their feet, but Angle hit a low blow and rolled up Benoit for the win. This match definitely had something for everyone.


Bret ?Hit Man? Hart vs. ?Rowdy? Roddy Piper for the Intercontinental Championship ? WrestleMania VIII

This will go down as one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship matches in WWE history. Bret ?Hit Man? Hart and ?Rowdy? Roddy Piper came into the match as good friends. They even grew up together. In fact, in an interview shortly before the match, Piper reminisced about Bret?s mother Helen making them bologna sandwiches when they were kids. But the Intercontinental Championship was on the line, so that was all thrown out the window.


The crowd was clearly torn in this match, as both Hart and Piper were big fan favorites. This was Piper?s first, and what turned out to be his only, championship in WWE, so he was going to stop at nothing to hold onto the belt. Well, almost nothing.


With the referee knocked out, Piper contemplated using the ring bell to further beat down an already bloodied Hart. After listening to the crowd, however, Piper thought better of it and tried to win the match fair and square. Piper hooked in the sleeper hold, but Hart was able to back Piper up, walk the ropes and roll him up for the pin and the Intercontinental Championship. In a great show of sportsmanship, Piper raised Hart?s arm in victory.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels with Mike Tyson as the Special Enforcer for the WWE Championship ? WrestleMania XIV

Known for his unpredictable behavior in and out of the ring, no one knew what to expect from special enforcer Mike Tyson. In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania XIV, though, Tyson sided with Shawn Michaels and D-Generation X. But that didn?t bother Stone Cold. Nothing bothered the Texas Rattlesnake.


Triple H and Chyna escorted HBK to ringside, but they were soon sent to the back to ensure that there would be no outside interference. Stone Cold took control early on and began tossing Michaels around from pillar to post and ultimately sent him to the outside where he landed on a table. Michaels soon recovered, however, and sent Stone Cold into the crowd with a back body drop before hitting him with the ring bell. Michaels then went to work on Austin?s leg, wrapping his leg around the ring post before going for the figure four leg lock.


Michaels hit the flying elbow and went in for the kill with the Sweet Chin Music. Stone Cold reversed it into what looked like would be the Stunner, but then Michaels reversed it into what looked like would be the Sweet Chin Music. Then finally, Stone Cold reversed it again into the Stunner as Tyson shocked the world and counted to three as Stone Cold won his first-ever WWE Championship. It also marked Michaels? last match until his historic comeback of 2002.


Undertaker vs. Triple H ? WrestleMania X-Seven

Undertaker came into WrestleMania with an unprecedented record of 8-0. Undertaker had beaten the best of the best at WrestleMania. He had taken out his monstrous brother Kane, Hall of Famer ?Superfly? Jimmy Snuka and he beat Sycho Sid for the WWE Championship. Now, he had the Cerebral Assassin, Triple H in front of him.


The Deadman wasted no time in getting to work and put Triple H through the Spanish announce table to start the match. Undertaker hit Old School, but The Game came back with a neckbreaker. After getting frustrated with not being able to pin the Phenom, Triple H went for his trusty sledgehammer, but the ref was able to stop him from using it.


The action soon spilled out to the arena floor as an all-out brawl ensued. Triple H gained the upper hand, using a steel chair to take down Undertaker. The action ended up going to a scaffolding area where Undertaker recovered and chokeslammed Triple H down to the floor. The sledgehammer came into play once again as Undertaker went for the Last Ride. Undertaker got Triple H up, but he nailed the Deadman with the sledgehammer while the ref was knocked out. Triple H pounded on Undertaker in the corner, but he battled out and hit a powerbomb as the ref was revived and counted the 1-2-3.


The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan in an Icon vs. Icon Match ? WrestleMania X8

When The Rock challenged Hollywood Hogan in an Icon vs. Icon Match, everyone knew it would be a great match. But no one could have expected the match to provide one of the most electrifying moments in sports-entertainment history. It was a dream match for WWE fans everywhere, as most people thought these two Superstars? paths would never cross.


At the time, Hogan was still the leader of the nWo, the biggest rule-breakers in the game. Leading up to the match, the nWo even tried to take out The Rock in a car crash. But even with all things considered, the raucous Toronto SkyDome crowd thought back to Hogan?s days as the real American and started cheering for him.


Hogan gained an early advantage, but with the ref knocked out, The Rock hit a spinebuster and locked Hogan in the Sharpshooter. With no ref, though, Hogan couldn?t submit. Hogan bounced back executing The Rock?s own Rock Bottom and used his belt as a foreign object. The crowd didn?t care about his illegal tactics, and seemed to cheer Hogan on louder and louder as the match wore on. After a brief comeback from The Rock, Hogan hit the big boot and a leg drop, but The Rock kicked out at two. Hogan hit another big boot, but The Rock avoided the leg drop. The Rock came back with two Rock Bottoms and a People?s Elbow and won the Icon vs. Icon Match.


Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship - WrestleMania XIX

This was one of the most highly anticipated main events in recent memory. Both Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar came from amazing amateur wrestling backgrounds and clearly knew their way around the ring. Brock Lesnar had the clear size advantage and possessed more power, but Angle had far more experience and was a better mat technician.


The match went back and forth as predicted with both men utilizing their strengths. As the match wore on, Angle went for the Angle Slam. Lesnar was able to escape and went for the F5, but Angle countered and hooked in the ankle lock. Brock powered out and started to mount a comeback, but Angle hit the Angle Slam. Lesnar kicked out at two to stay in the match. Lesnar then hit the F5, but Angle somehow kicked out at two as both men were being pushed to the limit. Angle hooked in the ankle lock again, but Lesnar persevered and came back with another F5. Instead of going for the pin, Lesnar went to the top rope and tried a Shooting Star Press, but he didn?t get enough rotation and landed on his head, while also hitting Angle with a glancing blow. Lesnar somehow shook it off and hit the F5 for the win and the WWE Championship.


Undertaker vs. Kane ? WrestleMania XIV

WrestleMania XIV was the first time Undertaker faced his monstrous brother Kane. The Big Red Monster first appeared on the scene when he attacked his brother during his Hell in a Cell Match against Shawn Michaels at Badd Blood in October. Kane took it to another level in January at the Royal Rumble when he and Paul Bearer locked Undertaker in a casket and set it on fire. Miraculously, Undertaker survived and finally got his chance at revenge at WrestleMania XIV.


Pete Rose was the ring announcer for the match, and soon found himself in the clutches of Kane who delivered a Tombstone. Little did Rose know, that he would go on to suffer that same fate at the next two WrestleManias as well. Undertaker made a breathtaking entrance, as druids filled the entrance way and lit the path with torches, holding them high above their heads.


As expected, this was not a clinic in scientific wrestling. Instead it was one of the most brutal brawls you will ever see. After taking the early advantage, Kane hit a chokeslam, but picked up Undertaker to dish out some more punishment. Kane later hit a Tombstone as well, but Undertaker somehow kicked out and mounted a comeback. The comeback was capped off with an unmerciful three Tombstones as Undertaker won the war of the brothers in this WrestleMania classic.

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Holy crap. I don't know if I could come up with twenty-one matches. That's more than one match per show since Wrestlemania 21 hasn't happened yet.


I loved the WMXX 3-Way. WMX IC Ladder match was good too. Throw in some Austin/Rock @ 17, Austin/Hart @ 13, Savage/Steamboat @ 3 and I'm already about spent.


There's no way I could come up with that many matches. Not without having to list matches that weren't really good but had nostalgia factor or some shit.

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Guest Alfdogg



Here would be my matches, in no order


Andre/Hogan, III

Savage/Steamboat, III

Savage/Hogan, V

Hogan/Warrior, VI

Savage/Warrior, VII

Savage/Flair, VIII

Bret/Piper, VIII

Michaels/Ramon, X

Bret/Owen, X

Bret/Shawn, XII

Bret/Austin, XIII

Austin/Michaels, XIV

E&C/Hardyz/Dudleyz, XVI

Angle/Benoit/Jericho, XVI

Angle/Benoit, XVII


Rock/Austin, XVII

Vince/Shane, XVII

Rock/Hogan, XVIII

Michaels/Jericho, XIX

HHH/Benoit/Michaels, XX

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I watched quite a few of Wrestlemania matches awhile back and wrote my thoughts at the now defunct SNKT. I do have some clear favorites and opinions on matches that you guys mentioned. These aren't necessarily the best matches but ones I would include on my personal Wrestlemania compilation.


Wrestlemania I

1. Hogan & Mr. T vs. Orndorff & Piper - I remember when this went down and was taken in by the entire spectacle. Abslutely the most important match in WM history and I say that with a straight face.


Wrestlemania II

2. British Bulldogs vs. Beefcake & Valentine - A really great tag match although it was way too short. Valentine works almost the entire match for his team and the Bulldogs traded off getting in their high spots and double teams. This match is interesting because the faces controlled almost the entire match and it was better for it. As a sidenote, WM2 was the first PPV (or whatever the system was) that I ever saw. We can ridicule the three locations and all the crap that filled the show but watching it live... it was mind-blowing.


3. JYD & Santana vs. Funk Bros. - It is always wierd to see Dory in McMahon-land. I was so hurt when JYD lost the match.


Wrestlemania III

4. Adrian Adonis vs. Roddy Piper - A great, great angle that made Brutus Beefcake beloved by 70,000 people in that dome and those watching on tv (including me). This goes down as one of my favorite moments of the 80s.


5. Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage - The first match where I thought to myself "This is the greatest match I have ever seen"... when I was 12. Many matches have surpassed it but it still has a special place in my heart.


Wrestlemania V

6. The Brainbusters vs. Martel & Santana - A solid tag match with a great angle attached. Useless fact: Until 1996, the Tito Santana Arriba! shirt was the only wrestling shit I ever owned.


7. Hogan vs. Savage - The first of Savage's world-class WM carry-jobs. Savage was masterful in making Hogan look like he could wrestle. Savage would do the same for Warrior & Flair in later shows. I am not saying Flair had to be carried but Savage was clearly the better worker in the WM8 match.


Wrestlemania VII

8. The Rockers vs. Barbarian & Haku- I really like this match. A notch below the Bulldogs and the Brainbuster tags mentioned earlier but one I would def. have on my comp. Who knew HBK was such an asshole?


9. Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior - This is all Savage. I think this match is way over-rated. This is one match where Loss and I went round after round disagreeing on the merits of this match. The only reason I include this is because i know if I made myself a WM comp, I would probably send one to Loss and he would be foaming at the mouth to watch this match.


Wrestlemania VIII

10. Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper - I don't remember liking this as much as some people (Rudo) but I can't see me leaving it off a comp either.


11. Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair - Another match where Savage does great things. Watch who is more logical and fills the gaps better. I'll give you a hint... it isn't the guy still employed by Vinnie Mac.


Owen Hart vs. Skinner - This is a clas... wait... just kidding.


Wrestlemania X

12. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart - This was my favorite WWF match after the first time I saw it. I also thought it was one of the greatest matches I had seen until I discovered a little something called puro. Now, I can take it or leave it but it is great to see Owen celebrate.


Wrestlemania XII

13. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Whenever you are feeling down after watching too much Raw is Hunter, pop this match in and wash the blues away... until you realize you are watching Warrior.


Wrestlemania XIII

14. Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - Great brawl, great angle, great match. Enough has been said on this one.


Wrestlemania XIV

15. Mankind & Funk vs. New Age Outlaws - We all know it is a garbage match but I love Funk and I love Foley.


Wrestlemania XV

16. Austin vs. The Rock - I had given up on WCW at this point so I ordered Wrestlemania as a last ditch effort to keep my interest in wrestling alive. I almost gave up on it entirely until this match, and for that I am thankful.


Wrestlemania 2000

17. Dudleyz vs. E&C vs. Hardyz - I like this match better than the two TLC matches that followed. Then again, I haven't seen it since it first aired.


Wrestlemania X-7

18. Austin vs. The Rock - Great match that Loss covered beautifully in his review of 2001 WWF.


Wrestlemania X-9

19. HBK vs. Jericho - The best match on the show. I think I want to see it again to re-evaluate my feelings.


20. Austin vs. Rock - I like this match because Rock finally wins. It was probably on the low-end of matches they have had together but I got little chills when I saw Rock sitting there talking to Austin while Steve was laying on his back. Rock must have told him that they were two bad motherfuckers and Austin replied, "Oh, hell yeah".


Wrestlemania XX

21. HHH vs. HBK vs. Benoit- Here only to see Benoit raise the belt in the end. The match was merely ok.

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I'd think you'd have to include the main events of WM 1 and 3 in any list on their historical merits alone.


The WM 1 main event made both WM and the WWF itself into what it is today. Not only was it the best match on the card, it was everything Vince wanted the WWF to be in one ring. His superstars getting the rub from MTV stars and "mainstream" celebs, which when you think about it they've really never been able to accomplish on that level since.


The WM 3 main event not only was symbolic of the WWF of the 80s at its peak, the image of Hogan slamming Andre is one of the iconographic moments of wrestling history. Who cares if the match itself sucked big, everyone who saw it remembers hearing those immortal words "HE SLAMMED HIM!"

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20. Austin vs. Rock - I like this match because Rock finally wins. It was probably on the low-end of matches they have had together but I got little chills when I saw Rock sitting there talking to Austin while Steve was laying on his back. Rock must have told him that they were two bad motherfuckers and Austin replied, "Oh, hell yeah".

On the WrestleMania XX DVD set, they have an extra which was the documentary "The Making Of WrestleMania", which covered WrestleMania XIX. They focused a lot on Rock/Austin, and Rock confirmed what happened after the match. He pretty much flat-out told Steve how he loved working with him his whole career, he'll miss it, and he thanked him for a tremendous match.


I really like that match too, actually a bit more than I like Lesnar/Angle, but not nearly as much as HBK/Jericho. There've been better performances between the two, and it was easy to see that Austin was to the point of needing someone to hold his hand, rather than the other way around, but much like Flair at WrestleWar '89, this was probably The Rock's finest hour. Not just for winning and beating a longtime adversary, but the great thing was the Rock's heel run. It definitely brought an edge back to his character and he really got to showcase that during the match with all those mannerisms (wearing the Stone Cold vest, pointing to his head, etc.). I really liked the last sequence, only because at the third Rock Bottom, Rock gave a grimacing look as if to say, "There's no stopping me now!" Obviously, their WM X-7 match beats this easily, but this match, thanks to Rock, had a number of little things that makes it a great closing to an era.

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I'd think you'd have to include the main events of WM 1 and 3 in any list on their historical merits alone.


The WM 1 main event made both WM and the WWF itself into what it is today. Not only was it the best match on the card, it was everything Vince wanted the WWF to be in one ring. His superstars getting the rub from MTV stars and "mainstream" celebs, which when you think about it they've really never been able to accomplish on that level since.


The WM 3 main event not only was symbolic of the WWF of the 80s at its peak, the image of Hogan slamming Andre is one of the iconographic moments of wrestling history. Who cares if the match itself sucked big, everyone who saw it remembers hearing those immortal words "HE SLAMMED HIM!"

With the WM3 main, I didn't include it because I don't have a personal connection with the match. I watched it live and I was still soaking in the Savage-Steamboat match when it happened. also, knowing that Andre and Hogan had fought before and that Andre had already been bodyslammed dims the moment for me.
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With the WM3 main, I didn't include it because I don't have a personal connection with the match. I watched it live and I was still soaking in the Savage-Steamboat match when it happened. also, knowing that Andre and Hogan had fought before and that Andre had already been bodyslammed dims the moment for me.

You can still make an argument that the bodyslam was special, since Andre gained considerable weight between 1980 and 1987. Of course, Andre was also beaten the year before in Japan. Still, the fact is that this was a match featuring a dominant champion unbeaten for three years against a challenger who had not lost on American soil since before anyone could remember.

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