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WWE SummerSlam

Guest Drake

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Currently were looking at an 8 match card... and most likely some TNA surrounding the Diva Search contest.


1. Icon Vs Legend

Shawn Michaels Vs Hulk Hogan


2. WWE Championship

John Cena ? Vs Chris Jericho


3. World Heavyweight Title

No DQ Match

Batista ? Vs JBL


4. Singles Match

Edge Vs Matt Hardy


5. WrestleMania Rematch

Randy Orton Vs The Undertaker


6. Singles Match

Kurt Angle vs. Eugene - Although not explicitly stated, I believe this match will be for Angle's Olympic gold medal


So that'd leave us with 2 actual matches, most likely Eddie/Rey V (or is it VI? I honestly lost track) and perhaps a Tag Titles Match from RAW, but honestly, when you spring up mid-card title feuds in a week like they did for Judgment Day, I wouldnt be suprised to see a completely random match thrown onto the card, OR that 8th match slot being taken up by some TNA (be it the Diva Search or other Divas).

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Guest Benjie

Eddie/Rey V (or is it VI? I honestly lost track)

It's Eddie vs. Rey Part VI at Summerslam. They've had five matches this year


6/1/05 - SmackDown!

3/4/05 - Wrestlemania 21

22/5/05 - Judgment Day

23/6/05 - SmackDown!

24/7/05 - Great American Bash


Rey has pinned Eddie in two tag matches as well. One was with Rob Van Dam against Booker and Eddie on the last show last year, and the other was in the fatal four way tag match on the 13/1/05. So in total Rey has pinned Eddie seven times during their feud.


I'll have thoughts later about the card.

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Guest Benjie

Is Benoit even gonna be on the card?

I doubt it. He hasn't been put in a feud since the last PPV. All he's done is tag with Booker. I think they will have him open the show with Booker against Christian and Orlando, or maybe a fatal four way.


Watch them put Masters vs Show on the card.

I hope not, as the card so far is too RAW. Out of the announced matches, four out of six are RAW. If they are going to have eight matches (which is what they normally have) then the rest should be SmackDown! matches. Eddy vs. Rey would make it three matches, and another match involving hopefully Benoit will make the card complete. I'm hoping if they do do Big Show vs. Masters then it will be an in ring segment with Show breaking the lock.

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Guest CanadianChick

I thought maybe they'd do a Christian/Booker/Benoit/Jordan 4 way US Title match as the "let's get as many people on the card as we can" match.

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This PPV looks like shit on paper. With having UFC and TNA putting out superior cards there's no way I'd order this.


But how messed up is it that Cena hasn't had the top billing on a show in almost 3 months despite being the WWF Champion? How are they ever supposed to build new stars if guys like Hogan, Michaels and HHH will always overshadow them. This was their big chance with HHH gone and all they did was inject Michaels into his spot.


I would've made the Smackdown Title match a four-way between Batista/JBL/Benoit/Christian. They need to seriously consider turning Benoit heel so he can make Batista look good in the ring like he did last year.

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Guest Benjie

Michaels vs. Hogan: Had it not been for this weeks past RAW, then I wouldn't have given a damn for the match because neither guy interests me that much. As soon as I heard Michaels' initial promo I lost interest. However, seeing the eletric crowd this past week on RAW, and the ending it will at least be interesting. I predict Hogan to win just because Michaels has pretty much had the upper hand during the whole thing.


Jericho vs. Cena: I like the feud a lot actually. It just suffers from the fact that we all know Jericho's leaving after the event. I don't think he would've won anyway as Hunter should be coming back soon and I'm almost certain he will take the belt off Cena, but had Jericho not been announced as leaving then there could've still been some kind of doubt. I'm thinking Jericho will bring his working boots to this match. All they have to do is keep it from going too long to expose Cena and it should be fine. I predict Cena to win.


JBL vs. Batista: As soon as their match at GAB ended I was hoping they wouldn't wrestle together again but knew they would. The No Holds Barred stip might make it remotely interesting, but I have slim hopes. As long as Batista wins, then I'm happy.


Edge vs. Matt Hardy: I've lost interest in it as the weeks have gone on, but if the crowd are into it then this could possibly be the best moment of the night. Matt Hardy has to come out of this on top though. I don't think I could muster another month or so of me having to feel sorry for him. Edge by DQ


Orton vs. Taker: The build to 'Mania was fantastic and as good as just about anything else they had on that show. The build to this hasn't been as good, but since their match at 'Mania turned out to be good despite Orton's injury, I have high hopes for this one. If Orton doesn't win, I will start to dislike Taker again.


Eugene vs. Angle: Should be funny, but with Angle being the only heel left after Jericho leaves town, then I predict him to win.


Rey vs. Eddy: I'm actually glad that there having a Ladder match as I'm wondering what they can do with it. We've seen them in countless of matches this year that a gimmick match like this was needed. I predict Rey to win and for them to go onto something else. However, for some reason I wouldn't be surprised if it continued.


Jordan vs. Benoit: Last month's match sucked, but at least Jordan showed he doesn't. As long as they go out there and put on something solid with Benoit coming out the victor I'll be happy.

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Guest Some Guy

I really don't care about much of the card.


Eddy vs Rey in the Ladder Match should be good and I expect that Rey will win.


The most interesting aspect of the show to me is how badly HBK will injure himself in an attempt to get something watchable out of Hogan. Shawn will need to bump around for Hogan like he did for Taker in 97 to make this match any good. Hogan just cannot move at all. He struggled to go 5 minutes with Angle on Raw and one owuld assume that the Summerslam match would have to go longer than that. I;'m guessing that the match will start with HBK bumping all over the place before taking over with a chop block and working the knee for a while so that Hogan can lay there and not do anything (and to tease the Sharpshooter) Hulk Up and and legdrop. I'd love to see Bret run in but it won't happen.

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