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Future already gone from WWE


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Frankie "The Future" Kazarian has officially broken ties with WWE. The following was posted on his official Web site:


Kazarian Gone From WWE


Frankie Kazarian has parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment as of Saturday evening. Kazarian wishes WWE all the best in their future endeavors.


We'll have an official statement from Frankie right here this week. Thank you again for all your continued support.


As reported here yesterday, Kazarian's profile remains on WWE.com.


According to Buck Woodward and Mike Johnson at PWInsider.com, some factors contributing to Frankie asking for his release are rumored to be:


- Kazarian was unhappy for WWE taking so long to put him on TV. When he went to WWE asking to be used, they put him on Velocity (given mic time and several wins) but he has never yet appeared on Smackdown.


- He wasn't happy with WWE's recent mandate to tone down movesets, including 450 splashes, etc.


- He was recently asked to change his look and cut his hair.


No word yet on whether or not there was a no-compete clause in the apparent release agreement. We'll have more on this as it develops.






WWE must be puzzled someone told them to cram it when asked to completely change his look and style after they were impressed enough to sign him.


Hopefully he'll be back in TNA so he can help kick off the Spike TV show.

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Frankie is one of those weird wrestlers that isn't really bad per se, yet, he doesn't appeal to me at all. I've never really been fond of him. He just screams bland to me. He didn't even impress me when he was in TNA and didn't have restrictions. That being said, this is still pretty shitty. It seemed like his big break came (why him over others, I'll never know) however he does get more respect from me for not changing who he is.


He has a generic look and I thought he was a generic wrestler. At least "The Future" is happy with his genericness.

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Guest Local Jobber R

Frankie's look was nothing special and a different hair style was needed but if they were going to frost his hair with blond highlights or shave him bald then why bother.

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