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Charles (Loss)

[2011-04-29-WWE-Smackdown] Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry

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Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry - Smackdown 4/29/11


Let the Hall of Pain BEGIN! The draft was the night previous on RAW and this marks the beginning of Mark Henry's renewed push. He steamrolled John Cena on RAW to make a statement but ultimately cost Smackdown getting John Cena as Cena was drafted back to RAW. This is Rey Rey's last match on Smackdown he gives a really good going away speech. Rey was without a doubt the heart & soul of Smackdown from 2002-2011. We will miss you Rey. Gone, but never forgotten. Mark Henry says the only sad thing is that Rey's farewell is Mark's debut. Rey kicks Mark Henry in the leg and The World's Strongest Man swats him away like a gnat. Rey powders. He get back in and runs into the brick wall known as Mark Henry. Mark stands on Rey. These two rule together. Rey does his belly slide, but he rolls through. He ends up shoving Henry into the stairs and the big man takes quite tumble. Back from break, Henry crotches Rey on the top and then just steamrolls him. Henry misses the big ass splash. Rey dials up 619 then Dashing Cody Rhodes with the MASK~! comes out and attacks Rey for the DQ. OMG I forgot how much I liked "disfigured" Cody gimmick that was his best run ever. I was actually live in Manchester for the Birth of "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. Great debut for Mark because he uses all his size and power, but never goes for any covers so Rey never kicks out. He uses none of his finishes the splash or the slam meaning they are not cheapened. Great restraint from Mark Henry while still showing off his power and Rey was a great ragdoll for the big man. Really good TV match. ***1/4

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