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[2014-05-05-BJW] Shinya Ishikawa vs Daisuke Sekimoto


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  • GSR changed the title to [2014-05-05-BJW] Shinya Ishikawa vs Daisuke Sekimoto
  • 3 years later...

Found a clipped version on Youtube.  Sekimoto has recently returned from injury and is looking to get back his title against his former trainee, Shinya Ishikawa.  Sekimoto kept trying these deadlift German suplexes that may have taken too much out of him.  Ishikawa was able to break Sekimoto's grip and get some space.  A strike exchange followed, which Ishikawa got the better of.  He followed up with the most wicked abdominal stretch I think I've ever seen, causing Sekimoto to verbally submit.  Crowd seemed a bit subdued for what I would assume to be one of the hotter storylines going in BJW.  There was nothing too memorable, just a solid war of attrition. I would hope for a hot rematch down the line that has these guys up their game a little.

On a side note, Ishikawa's theme is pretty sick.


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