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[1981-04-04-WWF-Championship Wrestling] The Moondogs vs Tony Garea & Rick Martel


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WWF World Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tony Garea vs The Moondogs - WWF Championship Wrestling 4/4/81


I forget the ring announcer's name, but this is the one that the Titans love to impersonate and he is a lot of fun. I preferred the MSG match to this one even though the MSG match had the non-finish. This one just did not have the same zip. The babyface shine felt like more heel in peril as Martel/Garea worked over the arm and the Moondogs kept missing elbow drops. There were no big bumps and like I had Martel & Garea put in effort, but it was not that same level of fun. The heat segment was definitely solid. Martel sold like a million bucks and the Moondogs were good on top: eye rakes, choking, fishhooks, backbreakers. Great hope spots. I thought the finish was the best part. Garea puts on the ab stretch, but Albano has coached up his Moondogs don't hit him with bone yet just break up the hold. Garea strikes the ref on his backswing of his punch. Now the Moondogs hit him with his big bone. Ref is up 1-2-3! Great old school heel finish to put some heat on the feud as you cant have Martel & Garea beat the Moondogs like a drum each time. Good stuff. ***1/4

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