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[1998-07-25-MPPW-TV] Jerry Lawler and Giant Silva


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I love these Power Pro video packages for Mid South Coliseum matches. It's an interesting way of presenting arena footage that looks really fresh. Lawler knows how to work with monster types, so the match doesn't look completely horrid, but that could just be the slo-mo effects and music talking. Hales got his hands on Lawler. He is below Vince in many ways, but one significant way is in how much less awkward Vince's physical involvement tends to look. Looks like Hales took a big run of piledrivers.


This week, Hales is nowhere to be found and Lawler is in the production truck running the show. He wants to show everyone at Power Pro what it's like to have a fan-friendly guy running the show and cues up his music while Stacy hands out free merchandise. I liked this segment.

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Lawler does his damnedest to try to make something out of this. I don't know if he succeeded as Silva looks only marginally better than Giant Gonzalez. He's at least capable of executing some power moves. Afterward we get run-ins from Randy Hales, Bulldog Raines, Billy Joe Travis, and Stacy. A *lot* of imitation WWF spots, including a crotch chop from Hales and a Chyna-style low blow from Stacy. Hales eats a bunch of piledrivers. He's awkward as hell obviously, but I admit the sight of him ripping his shirt off in a blind rage exposing his toothpick arms is a funny sight.

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