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[1998-08-08-MPPW-T] Interview: Jerry Lawler ... again


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  • 2 months later...

Lawler is back out with Stacy. I thought they had stripped her in the previous segment, but that was actually just her outfit. Lawler says Hales has accused him of assault and battery, but Lawler counters with kidnapping charges, which he says are far more serious. Hales is at the booth producing now and refuses to come out for the mixed tag. Lawler says if that match isn't happening, Lawler isn't wrestling at all, so they can just stare at an empty ring for 15 minutes. Hales asks Dave Brown to just stall, and the whole ordeal distracts Hales long enough for Lawler to sneak up on him from behind and drag him out of the booth.

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Yeah, this feels like wheel-spinning. It probably says something that the quality of Lawler's opposition has gone down considerably with the Giant King gone. I like the dynamic of the control room as another part of the studio but it's being overused and overexposed.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-08-08-MPPW-T] Interview: Jerry Lawler ... again

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