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[1998-08-10-WWF-Raw] Val Venis and John Wayne Bobbitt


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Dustin Rhodes issues a warning before this about the explicit content and says the people can send a message to the WWF by switching channels to a special on reptiles on the Discovery Channels. Evangelists Against Television, Movies and Entertainment is the name of the group Dustin is supposedly representing.


John Wayne Bobbitt pushes Val Venis out in a wheelchair while Jim Ross talks about how Kaientai must have gotten the job done last week. Yeah, WWE was much better not very long ago at all. This is painful to watch - a guy whose character is almost entirely based around being well-endowed. Val's explanation about how he avoided disaster last week is ridiculous and this is awful awful awful. Lawler sort of saves this with jokes that are the kind you laugh at while knowing you shouldn't.


This ends with Val dumping Mrs. Yamaguchi-san. He says no woman is worth the trouble she brought him and he gets dumped. He tosses her a battery to close things out. Feel the misogyny.

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I like how the Evangelists Against Television are advising viewers to watch another TV station instead.


Mrs Yamaguchisan comes out to the ring with a beaming smile when they're trying to pretend that her bf has been castrated. Acting skillz.


Surely I'm not the only person who has looked at the Big Valbowski's trunks and wondered if this was an in-joke?

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EATME. You know Vince loved that--both of them. Dustin remains as professional and committed as ever regardless of the material.


JR says that Kaientai must have gotten the job done, just like DX was splitting up earlier. Nothing like telegraphing another SWERVE and nothing like two of these rather obvious fakeout angles in the span of an hour. Venis explains that the coldness of the butcher's block created shrinkage of a Costanza-esque proportion and John Wayne Bobbitt was the man who personally shut the lights off. Ooookay. Bobbitt is godawful here, as one might expect. Val begins his recurring trend of dumping women to babyface pops. This entire character ages horribly but at least we don't have to watch Mrs. Yamaguchi attempting to act anymore.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-08-10-WWF-Raw] Val Venis and John Wayne Bobbitt

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