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[1998-08-17-WCW-Nitro] Interview: NWO Wolfpac


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Luger is all smiles after losing the U.S. title three days after winning it, and it's not even mentioned as the Wolfpac comes to the ring. War Games is coming up and there are two NWO factions, and the concept is tailor made for the two factions to battle it out, so surely they'll just do the obvious PPV main event, right? Sting looks like a cartoon character fool. This is kind of like a DX promo where everyone just takes turns shouting out their catchphrases.

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Yep, total 2016 WWE-world entrance and promo where everything has to be like it'd be in a video game--no time to sell anything or really put over any kind of program. Hype for the 3-team WarGames--thinking it over now I have no idea how the fuck they're going to get Stevie Ray into this thing. Just a catchphrase-fest and the Wolfpack gets good live reactions but I don't think they're really over in the money-drawing sense. The problem is in the entire existence of the group the only real personal individual issue has been between Nash and Hall, the match-up that fans least want to see. Luger-Bret may have had something going but that's totally ignored now. Sting has been spinning his wheels for months. Konnan is essentially a team mascot at this point. No one has, to my knowledge, even mentioned Randy Savage since he went out.

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