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[1998-08-24-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan & The Giant vs Goldberg & Kevin Nash


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Last few minutes. Curt Hennig, The Disciple and The Giant run in for the DQ but Kevin Nash makes the save. Luger and Konnan come out to even the sides. There is too much going on in the ring and the crowd ends up popping when Hennig eats the spear and jackhammer. I have no idea why the referee counted the fall. Hogan attacks Goldberg from behind after the match and Nash goes for the big boot but ends up hitting Goldberg instead. Goldberg doesn't even sell it and then fights with Giant for a second. Finally, Warrior, DDP and Piper come out to fight the NWO guys. This is all such a clusterfuck that makes me dread War Games, the opposite effect of what they intended I'm sure.

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Goldberg & Nash vs. Hogan & Giant ends with Goldberg pinning Curt Hennig, because why not? "Hennig asked to be a part of this match!" --Tony Schiavone. Okay, you can run in as long you "ask" first. One of the most tepid post-match brawls in history takes place afterward--it seems like I've been typing something to that effect a *lot* for these show-closing clusterfucks on Nitro. Watch the stomps on Goldberg in the corner by the NWO and you'll see what I mean, though. This whole thing is muddled and badly-timed...the run-ins seem late (and it takes the geriatric WCW crew a while to get there), and Team WCW just sort of stands around for awhile until we get the Nash-Goldberg face-off on the floor. Yet another head-shaking edition of Nitro.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-08-24-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan & The Giant vs Goldberg & Kevin Nash

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