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[1998-09-10-WCW-Thunder] Chris Jericho promo


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Jericho has decided that since WCW is primarily a television company, he feels as TV Champion that he's the most important guy in WCW. He doesn't think it's fair that Goldberg gets all the big entrance with security and he doesn't, so he's arranged for his own security detail which we'll see later tonight. Ah yes.

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Jericho explains the meaning of the TV title, and being a TV company he feels he has its most important title. So if Phil Goldberg can have a security entourage, he should have one, too. Jericho has hired his own cameraman and security firm to give us Jerichoholics a backstage peek, and closes it out with a sickeningly goofy grin to the camera. As far as teased elevations to the upper card that won't go anywhere, this is way better than the Eddy Guerrero shit.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-09-10-WCW-Thunder] Chris Jericho promo

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