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[1998-09-27-WWF-Breakdown] Steve Austin vs The Undertaker vs Kane


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Last few minutes. It's a testament to Austin that working with these two as much as he did never chipped away at his stardom at all. This match doesn't look at all that good and Austin needed to work with someone else, but I realize the WWF's predicament in that they were building up new guys, but none were quite there yet. Both Undertaker and Kane pin Austin at the same time but there's confusion over who the champion is. I remember Austin-Benoit-Jericho in 2001 having a spot where Austin tapped and the match continuing. Gotta love that consistency. Vince ends up taking the belt and running off with it while Austin is distracted into a brawl with Slaughter and Patterson. Vince ends up driving away in his limo with the belt while flipping off Austin to end the show.

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Eh, in 2001 in another environment you could chalk it up to the rules committee making changes. That's how I justify the Brain Busters winning the tag titles in a 2/3 falls match with a first-fall DQ after the Bulldogs didn't. As for this, they craft some decent spots here but there isn't much heat and despite the finish I don't think anyone seriously went in expecting a title change.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-09-27-WWF-Breakdown] Steve Austin vs The Undertaker vs Kane

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