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[1998-09-28-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Hulk Hogan


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Hogan talks about how he turned a "hillbilly promotion" like WCW that used to draw $10,000 houses in buildings like this to six-figure houses. He talks about how fans should thank Hogan for their stars, and says he's going to face both Bret Hart and Sting in back-to-back singles matches on Nitro tonight. Well that spells out that a big angle is coming. Hogan is now calling himself 'Wood.

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Hogan declares he has "Wood's War Bonnet" on tonight! I would pay a full Yearbook's price to see Hogan come out with a black and white fist helmet. Hogan cuts a vaguely shootish promo that would have been the talk of wrestling had he cut it in '96 but here just feels old hat. Calling himself "Wood" is one thing but the way Hogan absolutely pounds the term into the ground trying to get it over is truly LOLworthy. By the end he's even ripping off Val Venis.


Larry Z is about as amusing as he's ever been. First he recites a typical Hogan promo before it even starts and for whatever reason I laughed at his response line, "What was that, the Boyz in the Hood say he's Ed Wood?"

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