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The Horsemen video that starts things out is pretty cool. Flair barely gets started when Bischoff shows up with Stevie Ray, Doug Dillinger and the local police. Bischoff claims the Horsemen committed felonious assault on Stevie Ray on Thunder so Bischoff wants all Four Horsemen - and Doug Dillinger! - arrested. Bischoff mocks Arn's Southernness and between that and Hogan's promo earlier that seemed like a dig at Flair, you can tell there's a lot of real resentment on both sides, but it's making the promos better. As Flair is walking out, Bischoff calls him a disgrace for using his son as an excuse to no-show. This is being booked very well so far and the hatred is palpable.

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Stevie Ray is being presented pretty highly which seems like a miscast. Eric arrests the Horseman getting one up on them and keeping this feud burning strong. Dillenger being included was a nice touch. This was a good way to get heat on Bischoff and not show the feud as so one sided.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-09-28-WCW-Nitro] Four Horsemen and Eric Bischoff

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