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[1998-10-05-WCW-Nitro] NWO Wolfpac Attack


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  • 2 months later...

The NWO red-and-black arrive and look to mean business. They make a beeline for the NWO locker room and start attacking everyone in sight. No Hogan in sight. Security shows up trying to separate everything. Scott Steiner feels the brunt of it. It's a little early for Bagwell to be involved in something like this, so everyone seems to be trying really hard to take care of him. Finally, Sting finds Bret Hart. Sting ends up getting into a forklift and destroy Hogan's limousine. Then Nash goes after it with a sledgehammer!


Tenay gets a word with Nash to see what's going on. Nash said there's one of about five places Scott Hall can be in Columbia, so Nash, Konnan and Luger are going to find him! Sting is staying behind. Tenay dispatches a camera crew to follow the Wolfpac. They try a few spots where they don't find him at first but Nash finally finds Hall and they end up brawling in a bar on top of a pool table. The camera pans to Hall with his head through the wall.


This was a great series of segments, but this is what the NWO vs NWO feud should have been all along. A for effort here, but it feels too little too late.

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I didn't remember this at all but this was great with a viciousness and out of control feel that you dont see that often in wrestling. The security guard almost does the splits trying to separate the two. It was nice to see this type of aggression from Sting.


I also enjoyed the search for Hall. "Hes been kicked out of every titty club". The payoff here was nice with Nash and Hall having a brawl in the bathroom with rowdy drunks cheering them on. This was for sure needed a few months ago right as the split happened. One of WCWs highlights of the year.

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Yeah, this was pretty great for the most part even though it was way, way overdue. This felt chaotic and out of control in a good way--organized chaos that still gets the point across. I hate Sting using a forklift because we've all expressed our thoughts on stunt driving, and Nash standing *under* the limo trying to get some sledgehammer shots in is one of the dumbest things I've seen on any wrestling program I've ever watched, but I liked this new pissed-off Wolfpack a lot. Kudos to them for having a reason for the camera being there on the bar-hopping.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-10-05-WCW-Nitro] NWO Wolfpac Attack

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