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[1998-10-05-WCW-Nitro] Eric Bischoff and Reid Flair


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  • 2 months later...

Bischoff mentions Flair's name. He quickly tells the crowd not to boo Flair, because he needs all the support he can get. He does more redneck mocking, saying Flair sits at the Waffle House every week and complains about how bad Bischoff treats him. Arn reminds him that they are in Columbia, SC, a Horsemen town. Arn says Flair is here and Bischoff is surprised since he had banned him from the building. We don't get Ric, we get Reid Flair instead. He rolls out the Mean Gene line, which is cute. He's going to take on Eric, and says he was sent out to handle his dad's light work. He ends up tackling Bischoff to the ground a couple of times. Eric gets mad and goes after him, but Arn steps in front of him and points out that he just got taken down twice by a ten year old. This closes out with Reid giving Bischoff the four fingers. Crowd loved this.


After the commercial break, Bischoff is still in the ring pissed off and wants Ric out there right now. Bischoff says he needs to stop driving around in a '63 pickup wishing he was Hulk Hogan and come to the ring. Eric is yelling at Beth Flair on the phone for some reason and Ric finally comes out. The NWO surrounds the ring right away, but they are cut off by the Horsemen. I feel like they are at a point where they need to advance the storyline somehow, but the crowd excitement over Flair's return is still enough to carry these segments at this point.

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Yeah, I am still saying this is fine because they are mixing it up and Bischoff is someone that could be showed ass against anyone, Reid included. I don't know where I would have went with this as Flair vs. Hogan seems kind of natural again before they went to it in 1999. This was a fun segment and I really loved the mannerisms of Ric, Reid was able to mix in. Sad knowing the end story of this father/son relationship.

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Blink and you'll miss David Flair's Nitro debut. Sad to watch in retrospect but this was *another* good segment for the best Nitro in God knows how long--maybe a full calendar year or more.


Bischoff's new personal secretary Elizabeth is forced into calling Ric on the phone. He gets Beth instead, and then the real Flair is out followed by the rest of the Horsemen when the NWO B-teamers try to swarm Flair. Hot followup to a hot segment--smart babyfaces, are they really *that* hard to book?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-10-05-WCW-Nitro] Eric Bischoff and Reid Flair

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