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2005 MOTYC Poll


When should nominations end?  

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    • At the end of December... you know, the end of the year.
    • Sometime in Mid-November, following the model established by the WON and RSPW

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I want to know when you think MOTY nominations should end? If we end sometime in November, I can probably have the sets ready at the beginning of the year. If we stop at December's end, we will be able to consider all matches from this year. However, it will be mid-February before we are able to vote and all other MOTY contests will be finished. The drawback is we will be behind the times but the positive is we will be able to vote on a true MOTY instead of a Match of the past 12 months. You decide.

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To me, Match of the Year means the best match of the year, not the best match of a 12-month period, if that makes sense.


Was the Triple H-HBK title match from Raw in December 2003, arguably the best match the two have ever had together, even in contention for 2004 MOTY in Observer or RSPW voting? I know I didn't consider it because I was voting for the 2004 match of the year


I'd rather be six weeks behind the times but get an accurate award than have it ready to go on January 1 but miss a month of matches.


On a side note, either system is better than the Aptermags system of "only the current calendar year can be considered even though we need your votes before Thanksgiving". And people wonder why everybody claims the PWI awards are fake.

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