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Manami Toyota & Toshiyo Yamada


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Locks for my list, probably Top 15, maybe even Top 10. The series with Ozaki and Kansai speaks for itself, but they have other great matches with Kudo and Toyoda on 5/5/93 and the 1994 tag match with Mita and Shimoda that rank pretty highly up there. Toyota's best work to me was done as a tag wrestler, and while she eventually outshines Yamada near the end of their days as a team, I see them as the best women's tag team ever.

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Well, I think the '94 match with Mita/Shimoda climaxes with the second fall (IIRC) and falls apart afterwards, but it's pretty great until then and easily the best match LCO had had to that point.


The TLTB'92 Final vs. Aja/Kyoko is great, and I recall enjoying the Malenko/Hasegawa tag from that tour too (obviously the '93 one is what it is). The 1/93 tag vs. Aja/Bull is super. They also have various TV matches that range from good upwards. Their last notable tag is probably 10/94 vs. Kyoko/Takako. What one has to remember, too, is that a lot of Tag League pairings were odd... of course the '93 Final is fantastic and better for having Hokuto in it, but you figure Toyota teaming with Yamada has a lot of good matches there too, etc. And it was the same in '94, with Toyota paired with Takako and Yamada with Hotta.

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