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[2001-07-21-ECWA] Low Ki vs American Dragon


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Low-Ki vs Bryan Danielson - ECWA 7/21/01 SGR: Ricky Steamboat

Low-Ki had to be the first superstar of 2000s Indies boom. He is very over in every match. This was a very popular match in the early 2000s and along with Low-Ki vs AJ Styles the biggest feud of the indies. Danielson is playing the heel. Steamboat seems pretty into the match throughout. These two are just so explosive. Some great chain wrestling and kicks thrown. I love their dueling bridges spot, really good stuff. Ki throws some ferocious kicks that really tag Bryan in the head.

It really gets good when Danielson dropkicks Ki's arm just as he is doing a back handspring. Great spot and great writhing by Ki! Danielson goes right to work on the injured arm. You know Bryan is all tight holds and some innovative ways to dish out pain. Bryan shows great urgency always staying on Ki and Ki is very good at selling the arm. You know when you have Steamboat wincing in pain, that there are some ferocious chops being thrown. Ki gets a lucha armdrag hope spots but Bryan pops up and kicks the arm. Great heat segment. I loved Bryan's snap fireman's carry in response to Low-Ki firing up in in a chop battle. Bryan wants the cross-armbreaker, but settles for a short arm scissors (love that move). Low Ki kicks him in the head from his back showing great flexibility. On the second one, he gets him pretty good and even the camera guy oohs at that. Bryan goes for the Cobra Clutch and Ki fights out. He finally evens the playing field with a Tidal Wave. Steamboat pops for it and the crowd chants "Low Ki!". Really well-timed spot. Low-Ki is still selling the bad arm as he hits a forearm and realizes he needs to use his feet. Explosive Kappo Kick in the corner. Bryan grabs a cobra clutch on the apron and Ki bucks him off the apron in a crazy spot. Low Ki gets his Dragon Clutch on the top rope and bends back into a Tree of Woe, but he loses control of Bryans head. They go into a strike exchange, but it is better than your typical New Japan one because they are reacting and trying to find new angles. Poor transition into that strike exchange. Bryan finally blasts through Ki's defense with a Roaring elbow. They headbutt each other from their knees as if they are rams battering each other. Ki hits the Ki Krusher '99 for two, but cant capitalize because of his bad arm. This is the first big nearfall and it is well-timed. Couple good blocks as Ki cant hit another Ki Krusher, Bryan cant hit the Dragon Suplex and Ki misses a flying Karate Kick. This last one affords Bryan the opportunity to hit a German and roll into a Dragon Suplex for two. Bryan wants his super back suplex, but Ki bucks him off and hits a Phoenix Splash for two. I like how missed moves are setting up the nearfalls. Low Ki pays tribute to Masa Chono from 1991 and just starts Yakuza Kicking Bryan in the face repeatedly only getting two. As he signals for the "FINISH HIM" Kick, Bryan wrangles him down in Cattle Mutilation and Low Ki passes out from the pain.  

I dont know about that finish. I mean Bryan worked over the arm, but I didnt think he really destroyed the arm and I thought Low-Ki passed out way too quickly. Then again, I dont really want to languish in that hold either. It was just a weird hold to pass out to. Weird finish aside, I really enjoyed this. It is very explosive and exciting. Bryan's heat segment is great and Low-Ki sells well and peppers in enough hope spots. Tidal Wave was the perfect tide-turning move. They lost me from the apron spot through the strike exchange. I thought the transitions were not as tight. The finish sequence was awesome. The nearfalls felt big and were set up really well. To me this is the first truly great Indy match. ****1/4

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This was a solid match, but maybe I'm not versed enough in the history of independent wrestling to realize how important this was. From my perspective, this was Bryan still finding his way, still trying to put things together, still leaning on his influences, against a pretty watered-down version of Low Ki. My image of Low Ki is from those matches he had with Homicide the year before. This wasn't as hardcore. It felt like a juniors match. I'm not saying this was bad or anything. It just didn't announce any sort of changing of the guard, which was what I imagined beforehand. 

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