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[2001-11-30-ICW-Expect the Unexpected] Eddy Guerrero vs Low Ki


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ICW Champion Low-Ki vs Eddie Guerrero - ICW 11/30/01


This was during that short spell between WWF runs in 2001-02 where Eddie was working in the indies. Total dream match and very excited to see this exists. Not a total classic, but definitely a great match. It is not great because of Eddie's character work, which is pretty minimal, but Eddie really delivers a strong performance based on mechanics and fundamentals. The opening matwork is so explosive. I had forgotten what I loved about Eddie as a mechanic, it just the snap, pop and explosion on very basic stuff like a snapmare or a fireman's carry. Low Ki has tremendous balance and coordination. The opening stuff is all about proving Low Ki can hang with Eddie. Eddie was over huge with the crowd and thus there was none of that heel charisma. Low Ki was pretty over too. The middle part of the match was just Eddie stretching the hell out of Ki, Gory Special and a nasty Texas Cloverleaf. I loved Eddie the counterwrestler in this match. For ever Ki hope spot (usually a kick), Eddie had a counter, Mexican Surfboard, STF or double brainbusters. Hell, Eddie got in on the head drop trened with a nasty back drop driver. He even outsmarted Low Ki on the rana from the top by holding onto the ropes. It was an excellent counterwrestler, veteran performance. Ki to his credit just kept coming and coming looking for those openings to land his kicks. The finish was Eddie missing a frogsplash and then Ki missing the Phoenix Splash only for Ki to roll up Eddie for three. Kinda lame finish but protects everyone.


Eddie outshone Ki and it was all based on technical mechanical work. Ki looked very athletic, but cant say he did one thing to make me go Wow, which is unusual as I am big Low Ki fan. Eddie was just killing it as this counterwrestling genius. I thought the match lacked a strong hook besides it was OMG EDDIE VS KI~! I thought it progressed nicely to the finish. Felt like a really good first match in the series with maybe Eddie getting frustrated and turning heel leading to the classics. As is great technical Eddie performance, but leaves you wanting more. ***3/4

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