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[2004-11-06-ROH-Weekend of Thunder: Night Two] Jushin Liger & Samoa Joe vs Bryan Danielson & Low Ki


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Samoa Joe & Jushin Liger vs. Low Ki & Bryan Danielson

After a main event the night before that I felt was retrospectively disappointing, this made up for it quite nicely. Not the greatest match in ROH history (not even close for 2004), but an excellent tag team main event that never once got boring or felt insultingly indyriffic. Every exchange was fun and meaningful, every encounter was interesting, it kept the Joe vs. Rottweilers feud steady, gave us a dream collision between Ki and Liger, and was booked perfectly in its ending to kickstart the Danielson vs. Rottweilers feud, a storyline that I adored back in the day and am very much looking forward to seeing if it holds up. Kudos for doing a different Liger finisher too as well.
Rating: ****
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I remember liking this a lot, more than the rather dry Danielson/Liger singles match from the night before. It's one of the few times I've seen Low-Ki not trying to act like an invincible monster, he was actually really fun as a can't-get-it-together goofball in his mismatched team with AmDrag.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2004-11-06-ROH-Weekend of Thunder: Night Two] Jushin Liger & Samoa Joe vs Bryan Danielson & Low Ki

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