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[2004-10-24-NJPW-Toukon Series] Hiroshi Tanahashi vs American Dragon


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Saw this like 6 years ago and thought it was very underwhelming considering the names. Granted, they weren't at their peak yet but I expected better. Found it a little bit better after a rewatch. Still not much to write home about though. Doesn't have much of a story besides two guys trading stuff, but the stuff they did was more fun to watch than I remembered. Danielson's work in the opening minutes was compelling but didn't lead to anything. Come to think of it, it was a pretty basic "Tanahashi match". Crowd was dead but they bought in on the nearfalls which I guess is a positive considering they didn't trade bombs or anything like it. If I had to put snowflakes I'd give it ***

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Assigned this for match trades:


Can't even say this is Danielson and Tanahashi "Before They Were Stars" because they were already highly thought of in 2004, but it's interesting to see how far each has grown since. This has a cool feel throughout of two guys who know how good the other is and is taking this title match very seriously. Danielson had a tiny bit of that heel schtick he'd grow to use later on and Tanahashi is already a great seller, making Danielson's various holds look like they could actually finish this if he kept them on long enough.


They start by trading hold for hold before Danielson goes for broke with a dive to the outside (where he nails his ribs on the guardrail) and Tanahashi follows with a suplex to the floor. They progress on into actual moves and Danielson starts cranking on some major submission holds. I was able to pick up that Tanahashi's finisher at the time was a dragon suplex due to how Danielson struggled to get out of a full nelson earlier on in the match. They'd been feeling each other out, but when that full nelson got put on, it became a competition. Latter half of the match felt like anyone could win and there was some nice moments where they each fought for pins and reversed. Danielson reversed a small package and it would have been a completely believable ending at that point.


Not much more than a cool curiosity and it's a shame this remains their sole match against each other.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2004-10-24-NJPW-Toukon Series] Hiroshi Tanahashi vs American Dragon

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