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[1999-12-06-WCW-Nitro] Pyro and Ballyhoo

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Music video for Sting to Metallica's "Seek and Destroy" to hype the WCW Mayhem: The Music album. Then a commercial for Tough Talkin' Wrestlers action figures. Clips of Finlay cutting Brian Knobs' hair the week before. Finlay acts as a drill sergeant and has Knobs doing lots of training in the woods. Gene interviews Mona but can't stop looking at her breasts. Hall vs Sting and Nash vs Benoit tonight, so the Outsiders comment on that. Roddy Piper arrives and starts rambling about Powers To Be and again seems to be talking to no one at all. David Flair has Symphony kidnapped in a boiler room and is screaming at her to shut up. Jerry Flynn issues an open challenge anyone to face him in THE BLOCK. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea debuts his new gimmick with a Purple Rain soundalike.

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That action figure commercial was hilarious. Awful looking figures but Nash looks about 10 feel tall. Pervy Gene makes an appearance stairing at Mona's boobs. I don't even know what the deal was with the mamalukes and the nitro girls. THE BLOCK. Oh how I remember that.

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The Mamalukes challenge the Nitro Girls to a game of strip poker because reasons. I think I know the only people who are going to get stripped here.


The Total Package asks Liz what good an engine is without a caboose, then decides that's a bad example and changes tactics. He compares their partnership to Tracy & Hepburn and Sonny & Cher.


"BRING IT ON--NASH." Maybe this concept was a few years ahead of its time for action figures.


Hey, Finlay's back! Hard to believe he'd ever wrestle again at one point, much less have a second career in the WWE as both a trainer and wrestler.


Pervy Mean Gene interviews Mona's chest. Mona recites a very wooden promo talking about competing and winning, so apparently Russo didn't write this one.


The Outsiders talk about doing to Sting what they did to the TV belt last week. Nash and Hall are still entertaining themselves more than cutting real promos. Nash's promo in particular would be a good way of setting up a big Benoit upset, but I question if that's actually going to happen and mean anything.


Piper rambles, and actually mentions Russo by name.


David Flair has Symphony in the bowels of the arena in what seems like a rather pale imitation of early Mankind.


Oh good, let's give Jerry Flynn promo time.


The not-Velveteen Dream stands by.

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