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I do have some plans for some people to be in the Roddy Piper role, but the initial challengers for Hogan have worked out to be the big men. The Road Warriors being billed over Hogan on the Milwaukee show are based on two factors : 1) The practical matter that it is a cage match so it will have to go on last, and 2) the match with the Wild Bills is the capper on a long term feud (at least, in the terms of this simulation) whereas Hogan vs. Humongous is from a shorter run.

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AWA in Oakland, October 15th.


Dean Ho vs. Bill Rathke


Ho won with a Full Nelson


Ken Patera & Mike George vs. The Wild Italians


Patera & George won when Patera hit an elevated backbreaker onto George's knee on Russo


Boris Zukhov vs. Greg Gagne


Gagne won with the Gagne Leglock


AWA American Title match : Jimmy Garvin © vs. Moose Cholak


Garvin won when Cholak missed an avalance in the corner and Garvin caught him in a roll up


Eddie Mansfield & Rick Patterson vs. Mr. Olympia & Stan Stasiak


Olympia & Stasiak won when Stasiak hit the Heart Punch on Patterson


AWA World Tag Title match : The Wild Bills vs. The Sake & Old Milwaukee Connection


The Wild Bills won when Irwin hit the flying lariat on Tanaka


AWA World Title match : Hulk Hogan © vs. Lord Humongous


Hogan won by DQ after interference by Col. Buck Robley

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AWA In Sacramento, October 16th


The Wild Italians vs. Bill Rathke & Great Malumba


The Wild Italians won when DeNucci got Malumba in an Airplane Spin


Greg Gagne vs. Maj. Cal Manson


Gagne won with the Gagne Sleeper


Eddie Mansfield vs. Mike Vachon


Mansfield won with a power slam


Prof. Toru Tanaka vs. Ivan Putski


Putski won with the Polish Hammer


Da Crusher vs. Ed Wiskowski


Crusher won with a running Bolo Punch. After the match, he was attacked by Ivan Putski, leading to Tanaka running in for the save


Iceman Parsons vs. Eric Embry


Parsons won with the Rumper Stumper from the top rope


The Road Warriors & Moose Cholak vs. The Wild Bills & Buck Robley


The Road Warriors & Cholak won when Hawk hit the flying clothesline on Robley

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for October 21st


The Texas Dynasty (courtesy of Southwestern Championship Wrestling) vs. The Wild Italians


The Texas Dynasty and Sunshine were making their first joint appearance on AWA television , setting the stage for their participation in the big show in Milwaukee, and seemed to be making sport of the Wild Italians, not taking them seriously. The Wild Italians didn’t kindly to that but the Dynasty always seemed to be one step ahead of them, pulling in bits of cheating and underhanded moves seemingly just because they could. Finally, Tully Blanchard hit the Slingshot Suplex on Tony Russo to put the match away and the Dynasty acted like they had pulled something over on everyone, acting very dismissive of both their opponents and the fans after the match.


Lord Humongous vs. Moose Cholak


The last appearance of Lord Humongous before his big World title shot in Milwaukee. The big Moose, no stranger to Humongous from numerous six man tags, was determined to leave his mark on Humongous before his title challenge. The two leviathans battled it out for several minutes before Humongous hit a massive lariat and followed it up with a running kneedrop for the pin.


Iceman Parsons vs. Johnny Powers


Iceman was hoping to get a shot at the American title tonight after the 10 man tag, and gave a great display of why he was a contender to the enthusiastic fans. He dominated the veteran Powers, finishing him off with the top rope Rumper Stumper. Garvin will need to keep an eye out if he wants to get through the Milwaukee show with the title still around his waist.


Greg Gagne vs. Mike George


Gagne tried to have a technical match with Mike George, but Ken Patera’s new apprentice was determined to sneak in every cheap shot he could. Nevertheless, Gagne seemed to have the match well in hand and had George caught in the Gagne Sleeper when the mysterious masked man showed up at ringside. Gagne immediately dropped George and dove to the outside to brawl with the masked man as the ref counted to 10, giving the win by countout to George.


The Brotherhood of Poland vs. The Latin Lovers


The Brotherhood came to the ring accompanied by Precious, while the Latin Lovers were joined by 2 of Vinnie Valentino’s bikini clad Bootie Babes. The Lovers had experience dealing with bigger opponents from their matches against the Wild Bills and used the same tactics, ducking and moving to flummox the much bigger Brotherhood. It looked like it would pay off when Valentino ascended the top rope to finish Wiskowski off with a flying dropkick, only for Precious to sneak up behind him and shove him off, sending him falling hard to the match. One face first piledriver later and the Brotherhood had the pin. The Bootie Babes were outraged but the decision stood.


AWA World Title match : Hulk Hogan © vs. Eric Embry


The match had barely gone 5 minutes before Lord Humongous came to ringside. He might have wanted to have a direct influence on the match, but AWA President Stanley Blackburn got on the arena PA and said that if Humongous laid one hand on Hogan during the match , he would lose his world title shot and be suspended for 90 days. Regardless, he seemed to prove a distraction to Hogan as his Army ally Embry pounded on Hogan’s still swollen eye. The battle waged back and forth until Embry whipped Hogan into the corner, only for Hogan to come roaring out and leveling him with an Axe Bomber. One Big Legdrop later and Hogan had gotten the victory over the Flamboyant One. But the ultimate test would come in Milwaukee, where he would have his ultimate battle with the Hockey Masked nightmare.

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The Texas Dynasty are just all over the place on TV lately, that's Southwest, Southeastern and AWA TV they've been on in the past 2 weeks. Quite the busy schedule for the team everyone loves to hate.


Nice to see the new arrivals in AWA like Greg Gange and Mike George are already worked into things. Interested to see who the masked man that's been plaguing Greg turns out to be...I wonder if it's someone he made an enemy of during his time in Georgia?

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AWA Show at the Mecca, Milwaukee, October 21st


Eric Embry vs. Dean Ho


Embry defeated the well liked Ho fairly quickly with the neckbreaker followed by a piledriver. The real story came after the match, while Embry was gloating over his victory , when out of nowhere, a wrestler crawled out from underneath the ring and attacked the Flamboyant one … it was Samu! The Flying Samoan hadn’t been seen in several weeks after being injured at the hands of Embry, and he was now back, clad entirely in black gear and brutally waylaying Embry. Samu busted Embry open and he was bleeding heavily when the AWA officials were finally able to get Samu off him.


Mike George vs. Tony Russo


George had dominated Russo in past tag matches and continued to do so, hitting a nasty shoulder breaker before locking him in a Full Nelson (a tribute, no doubt, to his mentor, Ken Patera) for the win.


Greg Gagne vs. Boris Zukhov


Gagne tried to take out Zukhov quickly, distracted as he was about possible attacks by the mysterious masked man, but the tough Russian Menace was having none of it. He ducked Gagne’s attempts to put him down with the dropkick and even fought his way out of the Gagne Leglock. In desperation, Gagne got Zukhov in the Sleeper, leaving his back vulnerable and exposed, and sure enough the masked man charged the ring and clobbered him with a black glove clad fist. The ref called for the DQ and the masked man got on the ringside microphone, saying that he was the Super Destroyer and Greg Gagne’s past had caught up with him.


Mr. Olympia vs. Eddie Mansfield


Mansfield came to the ring with all three members of the Minnesota Heartbreakers in tow. When the ref was ushering the Heartbreakers out of the ring, Olympia scrambled up the ropes to the top turnbuckle, surprised Mansfield with a flying dropkick and got the shocking quick pin before the Heartbreakers realized what had happened . They charged the ring to get at him, but the masked man rushed out before they could catch him, laughing at having gotten one over on the Continental Lover.


Special 10-Man Tag Match : Jimmy Garvin, The Brotherhood Of Poland & The Texas Dynasty (courtesy of Southwestern Championship Wrestling) vs. Iceman Parsons, The Sake and Old Milwaukee Connection & The Latin Lovers


Special Stipulations of the 10-Man Tag Match : If Jimmy Garvin loses the decision, he will be have to defend the AWA American title in an immediate match against the person who pinned or submitted him.


If Iceman Parsons loses the decision, he must leave the AWA for 90 days


If the Brotherhood Of Poland lose the decision, they will be barred from teaming together for a year.


If the Sake and Old Milwaukee Connection lose the decision, they will be forced to abstain from alcohol for a year


If any member of the Texas Dynasty or the Latin Lovers lose the decision, both members of the respective team will have to shave their heads


Oh boy. This one raged long and intensely, with a lot at stake for both teams. With the Brotherhood fighting for their brotherhood and the Connection fighting for their drinking privileges, they treated the match like a barroom brawl. The Dynasty were determined not to return to Texas bald and so pulled out all of the stops and underhanded tactics to make sure they were on the winning side, but the Latin Lovers used their superior speed to keep a step ahead of them. Iceman was fighting for his very place in the AWA and kept trying to get Garvin in the ring but Garvin, fearing for his title, kept ducking out of entering the ring. Finally, when Wiskowski had knocked Parsons down with a big kneelift, Garvin came in the ring and held up Parsons for a Wiskowski lariat. The Iceman, however, still had the presence of mind to reverse it on Garvin and it was the Gorgeous one who was hit by the Polish Prince. Parsons then rolled up Garvin and got a quick one-two-three, leading us to …


AWA American Title match : Jimmy Garvin © vs. Iceman Parsons


Both teams stayed at ringside for this match, somewhat acting as lumberjacks but mostly fighting with each other. Having no option to tag out, Garvin sought to take advantage over the exhausted condition of Parsons The Iceman, however, kept digging in and fought back hard against the champ. He finally had Garvin set up and went to the top rope for the Rumper Stumper. Precious immediately started for the other side of the turnbuckle, looking to interfere as she had done several times before. However, Vinnie Valentino’s two Bootie Babes, no doubt fed up with her shenanigans, blocked her way, daring her to try to go through them. As Precious panicked, Parsons hit the Rumper Stumper. One … two … THREE!!! Parsons was the new American champ! The crowd roared their approval as Iceman’s teammates held him on their shoulders and celebrated his victory.


AWA World Title Match : Hulk Hogan © vs. Lord Humongous


The Hockey Masked giant came to the ring with both Col. Buck Robley and Maj. Cal Manson in tow. All three men were shocked when Hulk Hogan came to the ring, wearing his own hockey mask. Robley protested but the ref announced that he had gotten confirmation that Hogan was permitted to wear the mask based on doctor’s orders to protect his injured eye. Humongous’ usual tactics of using his mask to headbutt the eye did him no good, but he still had a lot of size and power he used to try to bludgeon down the champ. The battle went back and forth until Humongous finally got Hogan down and was able to pry off his mask and throw it out of the ring. He then went back to attacking the eye, but when he ended up charging into a big Hogan boot, Hogan got him down and finally yanked of Humongous’ mask. Humongous started to thrash around, accidentally knocking down the ref in his panic to cover up his face. Hogan was about to capitalize when Robley came charging in , trying to hit him with the hockey mask in his hand , but he instead hit Humongous. Hogan threw Robley from the ring and flattened Humongous with the Axe Bomber, followed by the big leg drop. The ref was able to crawl over and make the count. The Hulkster had once again defended his belt.


AWA World Tag Title Cage Match : The Wild Bills © vs. The Road Warriors


Robley and Manson were back out again to back up their charges, the Wild Bills, while the Warriors were joined by their ally, Moose Cholak, and their mascot, Eddie Mekka. The cage was intended to keep outside interference to a minimum, but that didn’t stop them from trying. For all that the Wild Bills had been no strangers to taking short cuts (such as deliberately getting DQed) to keep a hold of their belts, they certainly knew how to fight when cornered. The Warriors brought the full might of their power offence to the Bills, but the Bills fought back in kind, determined not to relinquish their belts without giving everything they’ve got. First Cal Manson tried to get something in the cage but was tackled to the ground by Moose Cholak. Then Buck Robley tried to climb up the outside of the cage, only for Eddie Mekka to grab ahold of his leg and refuse to let him go. No matter how hard Robley kicked at him, Mekka would not relinquish his grip on the Colonel. Inside the cage, Animal was finally able to elevate Irwin to set him up for the flying clothesline by Hawk. Animal was able to hold back Billy Jack from interfering and Hawk was able to get the pinfall and finally bring the AWA tag titles to the Road Warriors.

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Wow, feel-good show for sure in Milwaukee. Roadies finally get the belts off of the Bills and Parsons gets his revenge on Garvin. My guess is neither are done with their nemeses just yet though. Hogan in yet another great match, wondering if it is going to be Humongous or another of Robley's guys he sees next. The faces on the undercard all seemed to get one over on the heels also, I imagine the next show is going to have quite a few heel victories.

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Really good show here, I like that the top 5-6 matches all had stories behind them and nothing was really a "throw away" match just to get guys on the card. Really dug Hogan coming out in a hockey mask as that was always a fun staple of the Lord Humongous gimmick.


Nice to see The Road Warriors finally get the best of The Wild Bills and win the titles since the Bills couldn't run or get disqualified inside of a Cage. I hope that's not the end of the Wild Bills tag team though, that's probably my favorite "made up" team in this project.

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If you look at the results of the previous Milwaukee shows, there was Samu being taken out of action by Eric Embry, Ivan Putski turning heel and costing hometown favorite Da Crusher the match, Mr. Olympia being ambushed by Eddie Mansfield and the Latin Lovers getting brutalized by the Wild Bills, so this was actually the show to balance that last one.


No worries about the Bills, I have no plans in the immediate future to split them. They may be getting more singles matches, but they are still a team.

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AWA All-Star Wrestilng TV show for October 28th


Stan Stasiak vs. Great Malumba


Mercifully quick. Malumba attacked Stasiak right at the bell, but the big former World champion countered with a solid right cross and, when Malumba staggered back, hammered him with the Heart Punch . Malumba collapsed to the mat and Stasiak got the pin. Though Stasiak is one of the older competitors in the territory, he seems determined to show he is as tough as any man in the fight.


Eddie Mansfield vs. Johnny Powers


“The Continental Lover” came out with all 3 members of the Minnesota Heartbreakers in tow, and this time they were clearly on the lookout at all times for Mr. Olympia. The masked man didn’t show up, but the veteran Powers took advantage of the potential distraction, frequently getting the advantage and at one point coming close to cinching in the Powerlock (Figure Four Leglock) . Mansfield fought his way out and, after a nasty low blow, hit the powerslam on Powers to get the win. Mansfield will need to learn to focus if he is to get the better of Olympia.


Ken Patera & Mike George vs. The Latin Lovers


This was the first serious challenge to the team of Patera and his “apprentice” Mike George, as the Lovers used their speed and agility to stymie George, taking advantage when he would lose his temper at their high flying moves. Patera took his partner outside the ring and calmed him down and, later, after Vinnie Valentino had leapfrogged George, blasted Valentino with a blindside clothesline. George immediately hit the shoulder breaker on Valentino to get the win.


Mr. Olympia, Iceman Parsons & "Wildman" Jack Armstrong vs. The Minnesota Heartbreakers


This was the first appearance in the AWA for Armstrongs, and he got a great reaction from the crowd as they cheered on his wild antics and combo moves with Parsons, the new American champion. The Heartbreakers were joined by Eddie Mansfield, who tried to sneak in a few shots on Olympia when the ref wasn’t looking, but the masked man was having none of it, swiftly dodging out of the way when Mansfield tried to slug him. He finally jumped up on the ring apron and looked to hit Olympia when Tom Stanton whipped him into the ropes, but Olympia reversed it and sent Stanton crashing into Mansfield, who fell hard to the floor. He then nailed Stanton with a dropkick and tagged in Armstrong, who flattened Stanton with a big running clothesline and got the pin as the crowd roared their approval.


Super Destroyer vs. Dean Ho


This was the first appearance in the AWA ring for the Super Destroyer, who had been attacking Greg Gagne for the past several weeks. He was even more aggressive in his match with Dean Ho, crushing him with power moves and brutal neckbreakers. He finally finished him off with a superplex but, seemingly not satisfied with that, hit a piledriver on Ho after the match and, ignoring the protests of the referee, hit a second one for good measure. Ho had to be taken from the ring on a stretcher. Will Greg Gagne be able to stop the monster who seems out to destroy him? Only time will tell.


The Road Warriors & Samu vs. The Wild Bills & Eric Embry


A lot of grudges going into this match as both teams went at it full bore. Even Buck Robley got in on the act, trying to go after the Road Warriors’ mascot, Eddie Mekka, but their ally, Moose Cholak , made sure the Colonel didn’t get his hands on the Big Ragoo. All 6 men in the match got opened up at some point and didn’t hold back as they tried to wear the other team down. Embry though he had the match wrapped up as he attempted to whip Animal into the corner where Irwin was waiting to hit him with the cowbell, but Animal reversed it and instead sent Embry into the opposite corner, where Samu knocked him sparko with a mighty thrust kick to the jaw. Samu got the pin but neither side looked to be done with each other after the match. Though the Wild Bills were no longer the Tag Champs, the clearly seem set on ensuring that is only a temporary situation and have no intention of letting the Road Warriors out of their sights.

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AWA show at the Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, October 28th


Stan Stasiak vs. Johnny Powers


In a match between two big veterans well familiar to the Canadian crowd, Stasiak beat Power with the Heart Punch.


The Wild Italians vs. Great Malumba & Bill Rathke


The Wild Italians won when Dominic Denucci beat Great Malumba with the airplane spin.


Samu vs. Eric Embry


Samu has apparently abandoned the “Flying Samoan” nickname, now going by “Samoan Dynamite” which was emblazoned on the back of his black ring jacket. Samu and Embry engaged in a ferocious slugfest that ended when Embry sent Samu in to the corner and came charging in, only to get a thrust kick followed by the Dynamite Drop (brainbuster) for the Samu victory.


Phil Lafon vs. Maj. Cal Manson


In a special guest appearance by the popular French Canadian (courtesy of International Wrestling from Montreal), Lafon dazzled the crowd with his technical prowess against the second in command of the Army before putting him away with the Cobra Clutch Suplex.


Iceman Parsons, Mr. Olympia & "Wildman" Jack Armstrong vs. Jimmy Garvin & The Brotherhood of Poland


In a back and forth match, it looked like Armstrong would get Garvin to submit to a bearhug, but Putski nailed him with the Polish Hammer when the ref wasn’t looking, giving the pin to Garvin.


Greg Gagne vs. Super Destroyer


This was the first official match in the AWA between these two combatants , although they had fought at ringside several times since Gagne’s return. Gagne tried to keep this a technical match, in spite of the provocation from Super Destroyer, but the masked man kept dragging the match down into the gutter, cheating whenever he could to get the advantage. Finally , the popular second generation wrestler lost his temper and kept slugging it out with the bigger man until the action spilled out of the ring, where they were both counted out for brawling at ringside.


AWA World Tag Titles rematch : The Road Warriors © vs. The Wild Bills


The Wild Bills were clearly determined to take the AWA Tag Titles back from the Road Warriors , and looked like they might just pull it off on a number of occasions, until Billy Jack went for a running kneedrop on Animal, only for Animal to roll out of the way at the last second. He lifted up Billy Jack in a piledriver and got the pin to successfully defend their belts.


AWA World Title rematch : Hulk Hogan © vs. Lord Humongous


Another intense match between the two huge men, Humongous was clearly determined to wrest the title from the Hulkster. There were several points in the match where it looked like he would lock in the modified Cobra Clutch, only for Hogan to fight his way out or make it to the ropes. He ultimately looked to polish him off with a big lariat, only for Hogan to duck and come back and hit his own Axe Bomber. One Big Leg Drop later and Hogan had retained the world title.

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Results of the special inter-promotional card with WWA/AWA at the International Amphitheatre , Chicago :


Bob Orton Jr. vs. Don Kernodle


This was shaping up to be a great technical match up, with both men displaying their great scientific wrestling skill. However, the match turned to the nasty when Kernodle tried to get Orton in a vertical suplex and Orton, taking advantage of the fact that the ref was out of position, countered with a vicious low blow kick. A back suplex and a running kneedrop later, and Orton had gotten the tainted victory.


Mr. Olympia vs. Jimmy Garvin


This was Garvin’s first major singles match since losing the American title and he certainly had his work cut out him with the popular masked man. Early in the match he would try to stall for time by bailing out of the ring, only to be chased back in by Olympia. Precious looked like she might try to interfere, but the referee laid down the law and let her know that if she even looked like she might get directly involved, she would be sent to the back. Garvin pulled out every trick in the book to get and advantage, using every short cut he could thing of and fighting ferociously out of several attempts by Olympia to put on the Figure Four Leglock. Olympia looked to finally put it away by hooking in a Sleeper, but Garvin held out long enough until the ring bell rang, signaling a 30 minute time limit draw.


Black Gordman & Goliath vs. Bobo Brazil & Brickhouse Brown


The former tag champs were looking to re-establish themselves against the veteran team of Gordman and Goliath, and were showing no sign of friction as they dominated Bobby Colt’s men throughout the match. They seemed about to put the match away when Brickhouse held up Gordman for a running headbutt by Brazil, only for Gordman to duck out of the way at the last moment and Bobo hit Brickhouse instead. Goliath held back Bobo as Gordman got the Diamond Twist DDT on Brickhouse for the victory. Brickhouse was clearly quite upset with Bobo after the match, but Brazil was able to talk him down and the two left the ring together.


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Samu vs. Eric Embry


Samu was clearly out for revenge after Embry had earlier put him out of action for a month and Embry was not just fighting for his AWA career but seemingly his life. The Flamboyant One was consistently on the defense against the incredibly aggressive attacks by the newly minted “Samoan Dynamite”, being busted open early in the match. It looked like the match was over when Samu whipped Embry into the corner and came in with a jumping headbutt, only for Embry to duck out of the way at the last moment and Samu went face first into the turnbuckle. Embry hooked both Samu’s legs and put both his feet on the ropes and got the one …. Two … three? No! The ref signaled that Samu managed to get his shoulder up just in time but Embry thought he had scored the win. He celebrated then turned back to Samu, but was greeted with a hard thrust kick to the face. Samu then hit the Dynamite Drop (brainbuster) and got the pinfall, sending Embry out of the AWA.


Missouri Title Match : Nick Bockwinkel © vs. Tony Atlas


Atlas was still sporting taped ribs from his injury several weeks ago at the hands of Hercules Hernandez, but was clearly not going to let that stop him from going full bore against the Missouri champ. Bockwinkel, the ever canny competitor, put in every effort to control the match using his unparalleled ring smarts and well timed shots to the ribs, but Atlas stayed with him every step of the way, hitting big power moves when it looked like he might be at a disadvantage. Bockwinkel kept trying to wear down Atlas, taking him off his feet and working on his legs. He tried to get Atlas in a figure four leglock but Atlas countered with an inside cradle that got a 2 count. Atlas tried to get another cradle on Bockwinkel , only for the champ to counter with his own cradle and a fist ful of tights to get the pin. Bockwinkel had held onto his belt but Atlas had proved that he was back as a contender.


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : The Road Warriors © vs. Ken Patera & Mike George


This was the first challenge to the Warriors’ belts by the new team of the veteran Patera and his apprentice, Mike George, and the Sheikh’s men certainly gave the Roadies a run for their money. Patera was big and strong enough to take the Warriors’ power offense and dish out his own, and George showed the benefits of Patera’s coaching as he aggressively tried to break down the champ’s limbs with arm and leg locks. There seemed a possibility they just might pull it off when they were about to hit Hawk with a running clothesline, only for Hawk to duck and come back with a clothesline of his own that knocked them off their feet. A second flying clothesline on George got the pin, but it doesn’t look like the Sheikh’s men are going to go away soom.


Dick The Bruiser, Da Crusher & Prof. Toru Tanaka vs. King Kong Bundy, Ed Wiskowski & Ivan Putski


The was a cross-promotional reunion of old partners Crusher and Bruiser taking on their current rivals and the crowd was excited to see both men in the ring together, cheering their every double team move. Bundy did his best to try to make this a short lived reunion as he pummeled his opponents with big crushing moves, while the Brotherhood of Poland were happy to take advantage of the destruction left in the big man’s wake. The veteran team toughed it out, though , and when Wiskowski tried to get Tanaka in a face first piledriver, but Crusher and Bruiser, taking advantage of the ref making their opponents leave the ring, came off the ropes with a running double Bolo Punch on the Polish Prince. The crowd roared its approval as Dick The Bruiser got the pinfall.


Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Snuka vs. Lord Humongous & Larry Zbyszko


This was a big occasion with two extremely popular superstars, Hogan and Snuka, teaming for the first time. Zbyszko, for his part, wanted nothing to do with either man and was more than content to let the huge masked man bludgeon both men. Zbyszko would come in the ring briefly when it seemed his side had the decisive advantage, only to tag out the moment the opposition started to fight back. Only when he felt that Snuka had been beaten down sufficiently that he came back into the ring, directing Humongous to go after Hogan while he put the boots to Snuka. While Hogan and Humongous brawled at ringside, Zbyszko attacked Snuka until he finally threw him out of the ring. But Snuka was only playing possum, and after Zybyzko had finished gloating and turned back in his direction, he came off the top turn buckle with a flying cross body press and pinned the surprised Zybyszko. Larry Z tried to blame Humongous for his defeat, but the masked man didn’t take kindly to that and moved menacingly towards the smaller man, leading to Larry beating a hasty retreat from the ring. The Hulkster and the Superfly celebrated in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheered on their victory in this historic cross-promotional event.

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Will be posting the results soon, but the Met Center show had an absolutely jam packed line up


Lineup for the AWA show at the Met Center, Bloomington, November 4th


The Minnesota Hearbreakers vs. The Wild Italians


Samu vs. Maj. Cal Manson


(Samu has declared that getting rid of Eric Embry was not enough and he intends to destroy the entire Col. Buck Robley Army)


The Latin Lovers vs. The Brotherhood Of Poland


Grudge Match : Greg Gagne vs. Super Destroyer


Sake & Old Milwaukee Connection vs. Ken Patera & Mike George


AWA American Title Match : Iceman "King" Parsons © vs. "The Continental Lover" Eddie Mansfield


AWA World Tag Titles Match - No DQ, No Countout, No Time Limit, 2/3 Falls : The Road Warriors © vs. The Wild Bills


AWA World Title Match : Hulk Hogan vs. ?

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for the weekend of November 4th :


The Minnesota Heartbreakers vs. Iceman Parsons & Mr. Olympia


The Heartbreakers for this match consisted of Tom Stanton and Rocky Brewer but their partner, Rick Patterson, was at ringside along with their colleague, “The Continental Lover” Eddie Mansfield. Needless to say, both men tried to make their presence felt during the match, swatting at Olympia and Parsons and trying to grab at them any time they got near the ropes but the fan favorite team were able to swiftly get away from these attacks. Mansfield ultimately decided that enough was enough, jumping on the ring apron and taking off his boot so as to slug Parsons with it when Brewer whipped him into the ropes. Parsons , however, reversed it at the last second and it was Brewer who took the boot to the face. Parsons rolled up the staggered Brewer and got the pin but Patterson and Mansfield jumped in the ring and both sides brawled until the refs cleared them out.


Interview with Eddie Mansfield :


Mean Gene asked Mansfield what exactly was his problem with Mr. Olympia. Mansfield replied that he had come to the AWA with a mission, to whip the Minnesota Heartbreakers into shape as an effective fighting force. Before he had arrived, the Heartbreakers hadn’t been able to deal with this masked goofball, but they were starting to catch up with him. They were going to make an example of Mr. Olympia and he would do the same with Iceman Parsons in Bloomington and become the new American Champion.


Mike George vs. Moose Cholak


Mike George had been on a tear lately since he arrived in the AWA, with Ken Patera taking him under his wing, He had his work cut out for him in this match, taking on the big Moose , but George was utterly ruthless in his offense, waging an all out assault on breaking down Moose’s right leg. Moose kept fighting back and looked like he might just pull it off when he sent George hard into the turnbuckle. However he wasn’t able to follow up with the Avalanche in time before George ducked out of the way, and when he staggered back out of the corner, George took him down with a brutal clip from behind to his right knee. He put Moose in an Indian leglock and Moose had no choice but to submit.


Super Destroyer vs. Stan Stasiak


Another match pitting a new arrival to the AWA against a veteran. Super Destroyer seemed to be sending a message to Greg Gagne and battered the former world champion, not giving him a second to breathe as he attacked him before getting the Superplex for the quick win. Gagne is definitely in for the fight of his life in Bloomington.


The Wild Italians vs. The Brotherhood Of Poland


In this matchup between European powers, the Polish Brotherhood had the distinct advantage as they manhandled the Wild Italians before Putski forced Russo to submit to the big Polish Bearhug.


Greg Gagne vs. Jimmy Garvin


Garvin was looking to get back on track after losing the American title to Iceman Parsons and sought to take advantage of Gagne being distracted by potentially being attacked by the Super Destroyer. Despite having to keep his attention in several places at once, Gagne kept his cool and was able to escape several near falls from Garvin. It looked like Gagne would ultimately prevail when he got Garvin in a rollup out of the corner, but Garvin reversed it with a fistful of Gagne’s trunks. However, Gagne was able to kickout just in time and sent Garvin face first into the turnbuckle. When Garvin fell back, Gagne got a cradle for the win.


Interview : Mean Gene is standing in the ring.


Mean Gene : My guest tonight has been getting a great response from the fans in the AWA, TV’s Eddie Mekka!


(The Laverne And Shirley Theme plays over the PA as Eddie Mekka comes to the ring, smiling and waving to the cheering fans.)


Mean Gene : Big Ragoo, you look like you are having a good time, hanging with the Road Warriors.


Mekka : Please, Gene, my name is Eddie. Yeah, Hawk and Animal are great guys and it is a real honor, getting to ride with them and the big Moose.


Mean Gene : Well, Eddie, you certainly let your presence be felt when you kept Col. Buck Robley from interfering in the cage match where the Warriors won the World Tag Titles. Did you have any concerns, getting mixed up with a big pro wrestler like Robley?


Mekka : For sure, Mean Gene, it certainly was intimidating, but when I saw that Robley was going to try to cheat his way to another victory for the Wild Bills, I just couldn’t let that stand …


(Mekka is cut off by the arrival of Col. Buck Robley and Maj. Cal Manson. Robley is livid and grabs the mic from Mekka, shoving him with every phrase he says.)


Robley : So , you think you are some kind of big shot, actor boy? Think you can come in from Hollywood and mess with real athletes? You got yourself in a mess of trouble, actor boy! Huh? Have anything to say for yourself , actor boy?


(Mekka clearly has had enough and snaps, grabbing Robley by the shirt and shouting in his face.)




(Robley was briefly startled by this response but soon grabbed the much smaller Mekka and looked like he was about to throttle him when the Road Warriors charged in to the rescue, running off Robley and Manson and helping the clearly shaken Mekka from the ring.)


The Wild Bills vs. The Latin Lovers


The Wild Bills were gearing up for their return match with the Road Warriors and were even more aggressive than usual with the Lovers. Valentino and Cruz did their best but Irwin and Haynes opened up an all out offense on the two smaller men, ultimately getting the win with a combination of a lariat and back suplex. The Wild Bills seem hell bent on making sure the Road Warriors time as champs is a short one.

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Pretty good stuff this week. Love the Brotherhood of Poland. I enjoy how much you push tag team wrestling and while other promotions may have "better" tag rosters, your ability to showcase tag team wrestling is second to none.

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Ask me at any given time what my roster most needed, and my consistent reply would have been 2 more babyfaces, 2 more heels and more depth to my tag roster. Then I recently did the math and realized that I had 4 babyface teams and 4 heel teams, which is pretty good for the territory and the time. For all that I started with a tag roster consisting of the the Road Warriors and a team that CFCW and I had to put together in the draft, I realized I had to stop looking at in terms of the late 80s WWF and NWA/WCW I grew up with and make what I could of the roster I had.

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I agree. I liked my teams of ThunderBolt Patterson and S.D. Jones and then Burrhead Jones and Sweet Daddy Siki. The teams work well if you build them right which is exactly what you've done. Always interesting to see a new team get built for a common goal and see what they can do over the long term.

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AWA show at the Met Center, Bloomington, November 4th


The Minnesota Hearbreakers (Rick Patterson & Rocky Brewer) vs. The Wild Italians


The Minnesota Heartbreakers won when Brewer pinned Russo after a powerslam.


Samu vs. Maj. Cal Manson


Samu was extremely aggressive with Maj. Cal Manson, just unloading on him and bloodying the second in command of the army before finishing him with the Dynamite Drop. After the match, he silently pointed at Col. Buck Robley, as if to say the he was next.


The Latin Lovers vs. The Brotherhood Of Poland


The Brotherhood Of Poland won after Putski hit the Polish Hammer on Cruz.


Grudge Match : Greg Gagne vs. Super Destroyer


This started out as an all out brawl, with a game Gagne matching the Super Destroyer blow for blow but gradually being worn down by the bigger man. Gagne was able to turn the corner by going back to his technical wrestling roots, countering the Super D’s punches with takedowns and high impact dropkicks. It looked like Gagne was finally able to put him away with the Gagne Leglock, but a man came out of the crowd into the ring and attacked Gagne, leading to the DQ. Both men beat down Gagne and the mystery man spiked him with a piledriver, assisted by the Super Destroyer. The man got on the ringside mic and revealed himself to be Paul Orndorff, who said that Gagne couldn’t outrun his past any longer.


Sake & Old Milwaukee Connection vs. Ken Patera & Mike George


George and Patera won with a double running shoulderblock on Tanaka.


AWA American Title Match : Iceman "King" Parsons © vs. "The Continental Lover" Eddie Mansfield


Mansfield had all three members of the Minnesota Hearbreakers in tow. Seeing the numbers against him, Parsons whistled towards the back, and his friends Mr. Olympia and the Latin Lovers came out to stand at ringside and watch his back. While the war was waged in the ring, a second battle seemed about to break out at any time at ringside until tempers finally exploded and all 6 men started brawling with each other. Parsons went up to the top turnbuckle and Patterson looked like he was going to knock him off, only for the Heartbreaker to be tackled to the ground by Vinnie Valentino. Parsons then hit the Rumper Stumper on Mansfield to keep the title.


AWA World Tag Titles Match - No DQ, No Countout, No Time Limit, 2/3 Falls : The Road Warriors © vs. The Wild Bills


The champs came exploding out of the blocks and charged the ring, tossing Billy Jack Haynes from the ring and hitting Irwin with a double clothesline for the quick first fall. The fans exploded as they got the 3 count and cheered as they dominated the Wild Bills, but the two tough soldiers of Col. Robley’s Army fought back, taking advantage of the No DQ stipulation by bludgeoning them with their cowbells until they bled and tying up Animal with their bullropes after a running kneedrop to get the second fall. It was now even and at this point, the Road Warriors were on the defensive. The Wild Bills bludgeoned down both Warriors until they looked set to finish them off, the Irwin trying to get the Superplex on Hawk while Haynes set Animal up to be lariated out of the ring. However, Animal ducked at the last second and back body dropped Haynes out of the ring as Hawk blocked the superplex, and Animal then rushed over and hoisted Irwin atop his shoulders. Hawk followed up with a big flying clothesline that sent Irwin crashing to the ground and got a roar of approval from the fans (a move that some in the crowd dubbed the Doomsday Device.) Hawk got the final pin and the Road Warriors held onto the belts.


AWA World Title Match : Hulk Hogan vs. ?


Unusually, the champ, Hulk Hogan, was the first to the ring, as “Eye Of The Tiger” played over the PA and the fans cheered him on. Both he and the crowd seemed anxious to find out who the mystery opponent would be. Their questions were answered when “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett came over the PA and none other than Ted Dibiase made his way to the ring. Dibiase was methodical in his approach to the ring but the moment the bell rang, he exploded on Hogan, viciously pounding on his still injured eye. The champion wasn’t about to give in without a fight, but it looked like he was up against someone who might have been his equal as a brawler. Dibiase was able to get Hogan in the figure four and for an agonizingly long time looked like he might just be able to force the Hulkster to give up the title, but the champ was able to power through and reverse it until Dibiase was able to make it to the ropes. With both men severely battered, they continued to slug it out. Hogan was able to hit a staggering Axe Bomber to send Dibiase out of the ring, but Dibiase was able to make it back into the ring , and as the two wounded gladiators continued to exchange blows, the ring bell rang once more, signaling a 30 minute time limit draw. After the match, Hogan held out his hand for a handshake as a show of respect to Dibiase and the match they had both had, but Dibiase just gave him a look of contempt and walked away.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for November 11th


Paul Orndorff vs. Bill Rathke


This was the first appearance on AWA TV for Orndorff since he attacked Greg Gagne at the Met Center show and he was clearly out to make an impression. He manhandled Big Bill Rathke, taking down with several brutal powerslams before finishing him off with the Piledriver. Time will tell how this will serve him against Gagne, who is blazing mad for his interference in his match with the Super Destroyer.


Samu & Moose Cholak vs. Buck Robley & Cal Manson


For this part of his campaign against Col. Buck Robley’s Army, he brought in big Moose Cholak to be his partner, and that certainly seemed to intimidate Robley. Robley wanted no part of the action keeping him out of the ring and leaving his right hand man, the Major, to be dismantled by Samu and Cholak. After Samu finished off Manson with the Dynamite Drop, he tried to goad Robley into throwing down with him, but the Colonel said no dice and dragged Manson out of the ring, marching him back to the locker room.


Billy Jack Haynes vs. Ivan Putski


In this rare match up of two of the most notorious villains in the AWA, both men had their tag partners at ringside, and neither Bill Irwin nor Ed Wiskowski were shy about letting their presence be felt. Haynes and Putski blasted each other with power moves and cheap shots until Billy Jack looked like he would polish off (tee hee) Putski with a powerful bear hug, but Wiskowski, taking advantage of the ref being distracted by Irwin, came off the top rope and clobbered Haynes in the back of the head with his boot. Putski got the pinfall and the two teams brawled after the bell.


Isamu Teranishi & Kuniaki Kobayashi vs. The Latin Lovers


This gave the AWA fans their first look at these Japanese superstars and the result was an exciting technical match , with a dazzling matwork display by Teranishi and Cruz and Kobayashi and Valentino busting out their exciting , high velocity moves before Kobayashi caught Valentino in a fisherman suplex for the win.


Greg Gagne & Da Crusher vs. Super Destroyer & Jimmy Garvin


Gagne was still itching to get his hands on Super Destroyer after his last match with him was so rudely interrupted, but he now had the added distraction of Paul Orndorff at ringside. Nevertheless, he and Da Crusher seemed to be getting the better of Super D and Garvin, with Garvin getting locked in the Gagne Sleeper, but Orndorff entered the ring and clipped Gagne from behind, forcing the ref to call for the DQ.


Riki Choshu & Animal Hamaguchi vs. Mr. Olympia & Iceman Parsons


After the display of good sportsmanship by the earlier Japanese teams, the AWA team was shocked by the violent ruthlessness of Choshu and Hamaguchi. The came out full bore, startling Olympia and Parsons with their violent aggression. Hamaguch drove Parsons down hard with brutal suplexes and Choshu seemed like he was trying to break Olympia in half with several nasty arm and leg locks. Olympia tried valiantly to rally, but when Choshu jackhammered him in the back of the head with a pair of lariats, that was it and the Japanese team took the victory. The AWA is starting to realize what they are in for at the big 8 man tag match in San Francisco.

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Lineup for AWA show at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, November 11th


Ken Patera vs. Stan Stasiak


Patera won with the shoulder breaker.


Samu vs. Cal Manson


Samu won with the Dynamite Dive (flying splash).


Battle Of The Bullies : The Wild Bills vs. The Brotherhood of Poland


In an expectedly chaotic match, Wiskowski looked like he was about to get the win when he set Haynes up for a face first piledriver, only for Irwin to come off the ropes and nail him in the head with the cowbell, taking the match for the Wild Bills.


Greg Gagne & The Sake and Old Milwaukee Connection vs. Paul Orndorff, Super Destroyer & Jimmy Garvin


Super Destroyer seemed to be getting the victory when he has about to get a superplex on Gagne, but Crusher knocked him off the ropes and Gagne hit a flying kneedrop for the one two three.


Special Attraction Match : Col. Buck Robley vs. Eddie Mekka


Mekka was clearly at a size disadvantage (among other things) against Robley but brought some back up in the form of the Road Warriors and Moose Cholak. Robley, for his part, was accompanied by the Wild Bills and Lord Humongous. Mekka, wearing an oversized t-shirt and boxing shorts, figured his best approach was to stick and move, peppering Robley with jabs before dashing out of the way of any retaliation. Ultimately, reality ensued when Robley finally caught his arm and fired back with a short lariat. The Roadies and Cholaks jumper on the ring apron, looking to help their good buddy, but the Bills and Humongous pulled them off and started brawling. It looked like it was all over for Mekka when Robley got him set up for a piledriver, but while the ref was distracted by the fighting at ringside, Samu came out of nowhere and charged the ring, nailing Robley in the jaw with a thrust kick and placing Eddie on top of him. When the ref saw that Mekka was covering Robley, he gave the count to end the match. The Colonel was livid but the Big Ragoo had gotten the victory.


Hulk Hogan, The Road Warriors & Mr. Olympia vs. Riki Choshu, Animal Hamaguchi , Kuniyaki Kobayashi & Osamu Teranishi


This was an epic battle between the AWA favorites and the aggressive New Japan team . Hogan had the most experience wrestling in Japan , but even he was startled at just how ruthless the Ishingun were. He and his allies rallied and the match went back and forth, but when Choshu hit Olympia with the lariat to the back of the head, followed by a running senton by Teranishi, that was all she wrote. The Ishingun stood triumphant as the AWA crowds looked on in shock.

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