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Christian's TNA debut promo


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We now counted down to reveal the major acquisition in TNA as it was CHRISTIAN CAGE! Christian Cage has arrived in TNA! Christian Cage quickly grabbed the microphone in front of the erupted red-hot crowd within the iMPACT Zone! Christian Cage said that all week people asked him if the rumours were true about him going to TNA. He said he was here not to see the same damn guy come out week after week to say the same damn thing everytime, nor see a grown man dressed up as a doctor to pull something out of a man’s ass, nor did he come because he was fired. Christian Cage also said he was not low balled by a poor contract offer, the reason he came to TNA was the reason why everyone is in this arena today, and the same reason why everyone is watching Genesis today and that’s because he said quote, “I love wrestling”. Christian Cage also went on to say that he can crack a joke or two, but he says he is also one of the best wrestlers and that he wants to see wrestling reinvented. He’s tired of the politics. He says today there are two companies, one is old and lacking direction, and the other is TNA! He said this is something he wants to be apart of it, and in fact, he wanted to be the biggest piece of puzzle in it to where he went to Jeff Jarrett. He’s come to TNA for one thing that has eluted him his entire career; he wants the most important belt in professional wrestling, the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Christian Cage will fulfill his destiny. He then finished by saying, “Because that’s how I roll”.


Scott D’Amore along with Bobby Roode was quick to appear in the ring as he said he was looking for Christian Cage all day. D’Amore said he was happy to see him in a TNA ring more than anyone else, the fans showed us what they thought of that. D’Amore said we’ve gone through a long way and that it’s going to continue. He told Christian Cage that he understands that Christian Cage wants the NWA World Heavyweight Title but has to politically align himself with the right people in TNA for the balance of power. Bobby Roode then told Christian Cage that he has an opportunity to walk in on something that him and the boys have been working on for the past few years. He then told “Captain Charisma” that he’s other with them or against them. D’Amore quickly told Roode to zip it and told Christian that he didn’t have to answer right away as D’Amore then gave him a Team Canada t-shirt to put on. Christian Cage got back on the microphone as he said it’s the right size, but it’ll take some time to see if it’s the right fit. Captain Charisma headed backstage as we got ready for the next match.



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Here is another transcript stolen from DVDVR...


Not an exact transcript (Christian used a lot more detail in points), but you get the jist:


Christian Cage:


So I can guess you can imagine the question I got asked the most this week:

Are the rumors that we've been hearing true?

Is it true you're going to TNA?

And if so, why?


Well I'll tell you this much


I can tell you this much


I didn't come out here to see the same guy

come out and say the same damn thing week after week after week


I didn't come here to see a grown man dressed up like a doctor pulling things out of someone's ass

and you can be damn sure I didn't come here because I got fired


Which brings me to another rumor that I want to put to bed right now. It's not true that I got lowballed


I got a huge sum to stay where I was. The reason that I came to TNA s the same reason everyone is in this arena right now.

The same reason that everyonhe's watching genesis live on PPV.

That reason is that I love WRESTLING!


I've been known to crack a joke or two, say something sarcastic, pull a rib but I don't want anyone to forget that I am without a doubt


The GREATEST all-around performer in this sport today

It's like this...I'm tired of egos and politics. I wanna see guys in this ring busting their asses


I wanna see WRESTLING reinvented!


Last night I turn on Spike TV, I'm watching Impact (there's your plug right there by the way).

It reminded me about when I broke on the scene 8 years ago... there were two companies one was old and stale, one was young hungry and cutting edge.


This very moment, there are still two companies

One is old, boringh, and lacking direction...

and the other one iS T-N-A!!




This is something I wanna be a part of... I want to be the biggest piece of this puzzle.


Which brings me to Jeff Jarrett


I've got 2 things to say to you

One, you should never wear white pants after labor day.


Two, I've come to tna to take the one thing that's alluded me my entire career.

The most important title in this sport, the NWA World Heavyweight championship

Stand up and take notice, that Christian Cage is here!

And christian cage will fulfill his destiny...



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Best way to transfer someone from one show to the other. Slight jab at the former company, states he only comes over for the actual product and not anything else, and his whole speech makes him sound like a true main eventer. Well, script wise anyway.


Nice job at introducing him and I can't wait to see what he does with his character. Doing a "fake" align with Team Canada was a smart move by TNA, but what I'd find cooler is if Christian takes Team Canada away from D'Amore. Like steals the group from under him and uses Team Canada to face off against Double J.


Nice stuff. I'm sad I couldn't watch the show.

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Guest EastCoastJ

Here's a pic of Christian from tonight for those curious.


Posted Image


I have a few more on my blog as well. After reading the transcript of his promo I am loving Christian in TNA. Line of the night had to be "Jeff Jarrett, I've got two things to say to you. One, you don't wear white tights after Labor Day...".

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