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Interesting Gary Hart comments


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Taken from one of those posts on WO that's just a shill for some internet radio show:



Barbie asks Hart if he still watches wrestling today. Hart

replies, “Of course.” He was in the business for 30

years, it is impossible for him to stop watching, and he

catches it whenever he gets the chance. He sees a lot of

guys being misused today and wishes he could give them some

help. He feels that Triple H is too giving sometimes and

lays down too often for guys that he shouldn’t. Hart is

also high on Carlito, Chris Masters, The Big Show, and Ken

Kennedy. Hart thinks that Ric Flair would make a good

manager because of his experience, and also because of the

star presence he could lend to any wrestler associated with




Wow, I never heard anyone say HHH jobs too much before.



When asked which wrestlers he felt were good in the ring but

didn’t achieve the success they should have, Hart lists

Nard the Barbarian and Jeep Swinson. Hart says that these

two simply didn’t have the desire to be the best, which is

what a wrestler needs. Hart has great memories of working

with Muta. Even though the relationship ended badly, Hart

has nothing bad to say about the man.



What happened betweeen him and Muta, anyone know the story there?



The NWA in 1988 during Hart’s last run was a total

disaster. Hart feels that management was incompetent, and

that the wrestlers had forgotten that wrestling was a

comradery, and everyone was only out for themselves. He

calls Sting a “total asshole” at this point. Wrestling

was no longer fun for Hart, so he left.



Much like the HHH comment, the Sting remark is the polar opposite of what most people's opinons are.

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HHH does a lot of meaningless jobs. I actually agree with that. He loses when it's meaningless for him to lose and wins when he has no business winning, and it's been that way for most of his run on top. Jobbing to Undertaker at Wrestlemania X-7 when he should win while going over Booker T at Wrestlemania XIX when there's no way he shouldn't lose, for example.


WCW wanted Muta to turn babyface and Muta was very strong on the idea, but Hart told him the fans would never rally behind a Japanese babyface, so Muta, taking his advice, refused to do the turn. WCW fired him soon after, and Muta apparently blamed Gary Hart for giving him bad advice and pretty much killing his career stateside.

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I agree with the Triple H comments. There's a lot of losses to guys like D'Von and almost no losses to guys that need a win to bring them to the next level. Plus I hate the fact that you could beat Triple H 10 times in a row but the second he beats you those other 10 times no longer matter storyline wise.

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Being from the old school Gary Hart may think it's bad business for Hunter to be jobbing so frequently to much more inexperienced talent like Orton and Batista. That's the only reason I can think unless he was looking for a job in WWE. :lol:

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