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[1999-09-26-ARSION] Mariko Yoshida vs Yumi Fukawa


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I probably should've watched their May match before checking this one, but this felt like it was still pretty easy to follow on its own. I don't think I've seen Fukawa wrestle before, but she can handle herself on the mat. She's not as quick as Yoshida, though, and it kind of leads to a few moments during the early exchange where Yoshida has to leave herself open or feed Fukawa in semi-obvious fashion. It's not massively glaring or anything, though. Thought Yoshida was really awesome in this, particularly as the match goes on and she can't seem to put Fukawa away. Fukawa kicks out of an air raid crash and Yoshida has this great look of almost shock before quickly gathering herself to go in again for the kill. Then Fukawa somehow makes the ropes when it looks like Yoshida has her Volk Han'd in the middle of the ring and Yoshida's "fuck sake, this should not be taking this long" expression was awesome. Fukawa sort of targets Yoshida's knee towards the end and I dug Yoshida's selling of it. It's pretty subtle, but at one point she tries to stand up and the leg buckles briefly, so Fukawa just launches herself at that leg like a shark smelling blood. Finish got an audible "What?!" reaction out of me as well. This was really good. I feel like I need to see every single thing Yoshida did in 1999, and I can't say I've ever thought that about any other joshi worker for any other year ever.

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A little gem from a professional hand-held. I had no idea it existed before last year. Yumi is looking as QD as ever. Some mighty fine matwork and chain wrestling as you'd come to expect from this rivalry. They were the two best proponents of the early Arsion style. The structure wasn't quite all there. With the technical quality I felt like they should've been heading for a higher rating. It looked like Fukawa was going to get a push by going to a 15m draw. Instead she claimed a submission victory for one of the finest wins of her career.

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You can call this a mat spotfest if you will, but fuck it. This ruled. This is exactly what makes Arsion so cool. Ultra smooth, tricked out matwork with plenty of freaky Solar-ish submission grabs, dreadful battling on the ground and Fukawa fighting the big bad spider lady like a fiend. Super enjoyable compact bout.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-09-26-ARSION] Mariko Yoshida vs Yumi Fukawa

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