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[1973-06-06-Joint Promotions] Alan Sarjeant vs Clay Thomson


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I don't give star ratings but here is what I wrote about this.


I'm not going to even attempt to call this as there was so much going on, but this was a fantastic, technical match between the two. Lots of chain wrestling, unique reversals and Sarjeant demonstrating his flexibility on a number of occasions. There is a wonderful escape and counter escape from a Japanese stranglehold, firstly by Sarjeant and then by Thomson who turns it into an armlock in his advantage, whilst there is an amazing sequence in the third round that sees Thomson have a Boston Crab on Sarjeant who escapes in a way that needs to be seen, going over on his face to turn it into a pin attempt. The finish comes as Sarjeant attempts to backflip his way out of a side headlock, something that he had done on two previous instances (it's to avoid any potential follow up) but he doesn't execute it properly with being so close to the ropes and takes a bad landing hurting his neck and the bout is stopped. The St John's Ambulance folk show up and Thomson helps carry Sarjeant to the back after refusing to accept the victory that could have been his by TKO (Jim Breaks wouldn't be happy!).


I found this a total joy to watch between two technical wizards, it's just a shame that we have so little footage of either of them.

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3 rounds of high end slick WoS grappling. Thomson is a great guy, not only because he knows a million tricks, but because he always cranks up the intensity. It was a friendly, loosy goosy polite contest, but Thomson would constantly chuck Sarjeant to the mat really violently and try to force a submission. Sarjeant is like the british reverse-Volk Han and Thomson gave him plenty to work with. Too many great moves to name them all, but my favourite was probably Thomson's ultra fast arm takedown from the strangle hold, aswell as the proto-Omoplata escape. Also, him grabbing the chin and pushing his opponent further into the bridge is such an "oh shit" spot. I'll leave no comment on the finish.

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