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[1984-05-26-Mid South-TV] Rock & Roll Express vs Midnight Express (No DQ, Titles vs $50,000)

Superstar Sleeze

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Mid-South Tag Team Champions Rock N Roll Express vs Midnight Express - Mid-South TV 5/23/84


Can you smell That Smell?


Fun, little TV match. It was NO DQ and early on the RNRs are throwing that in MX faces with double teams and throwing them over the top rope. Basically throwing all the MX shit back in their faces. Morton misses a dropkick. He then is rammed into the post and finally a powerslam puts him into the FIP. I love how modulated his selling and it took him three moves before going into the FIP. He is thrown over the top rope. He comes back in and then tags in Gibson. This kicks off one of the best finish runs I have seen in a tag match in a wild. It is total chaos. Gibson goes flying over the top rope when Cornette pulls it down. Watts tells us that how he was injured before, but Eaton goes into the post and is busted open. Back in the ring, Morton has Condrey in a spinning toe hold, but he gets shoved into ref and Gibson. Gibson's leg is busted. Condrey is on the top rope and Morton dives on Gibson to save his partner. I fucking love it! Gibson back drops Condrey over the top. Eaton crashes into Gibson, but Gibson gets a sleeper and Eaton kicks the ref. Cornette gets a chloroform rag and knocks Gibson out. MX wins the match. If that is not awesome enough, Cornette's post-match promo is awesome in explaining away his blatant cheating.


Up until the finish run, the match was nothing much. But woah boy, hold onto your seats once Gibson gets tagged in that is about the most exciting two minutes of pro wrestling I have ever seen. Definitely check it out. ****

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