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[1984-04-22-Mid South] Midnight Express vs Bill Watts & Stagger Lee

Superstar Sleeze

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Midnight Express vs Bill Watts & Stagger Lee - Mid-South 4/22/84


Watch the video package that hypes this match. Other than Duggan/DiBiase feud, my favorite build. Watts talking about taking the Law into your own hands is one of the best Walking Tall promos and going out to find the Dog to be his tag partner is great.


The ultimate heat-seeking, work around people's limitation, feed and bump match. The first five minutes is an excellent use of all parties involved. Junkyard Dog picks up an MX member and feed him into Watts to be punched. The Midnight Express bump and stooge for the babyfaces. My favorite one is Eaton actually bumps onto the top turnbuckle only to be punches off the top turnbuckle. Condrey may even have been better at selling with his face than Eaton these punches. Both MX members blade off these punches. Watts tries to punch Condrey on the apron, but gets walloped from behind by Eaton. The heat segment is insane. The crowd is on fire. The MX triple team with Corny getting his licks in. Watts is great at the whole trying to make the hot tag. The false hot tag erupts the building. JYD thumps Eaton, but Cornette gets him a racquet to throat shot him. Meanwhile, Watts punts Condrey in the balls and then kicks a bag of powder into Eaton's face. He thumps Eaton for a MASSIVE POP! Like you would be hard pressed to hear a bigger pop. Apparently, the pre-match stipulation was if the MX loses that Cornette has to wear a diaper and it is as entertaining as it sounds as he is humiliated.


Great popcorn match. Super fun. ****1/4

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The crowd is molten for this! Bobby Eaton's bumps are awesome, and Watts is throwing killer punches and selling the fist. I love Eaton's dazed walking around selling. Also, his bump(s) from the apron to the floor are great. I thought Watts did an excellent job building the drama for the match as the FIP too. Classic match and moment. Oh, and man that eruption from the crowd at the end! ****1/2

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