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[1985-02-08-WCCW] Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams

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American Heavyweight Champion Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams - WCCW 2/8/85


They tease that they are going to work that Kerry is woozy right off the bat from an enziguiri by Adams complete with selling in and out of the ring, which would have been fucking awesome (like Mutoh/Tenryu 2001 just in Texas), but what we got was pretty sweet. Kerry works the best singles front facelock sequence you will ever see. So good, really versatile and works a three spots from that base, really nice. Really makes sense for him to use that hold given the enziguiri. World Class has such strange psychology, the closest thing is WWF psychology in the Backlund era. I do like it, but there is something about it that I think prevents traditional classics from developing plus at only like 11 minutes it is hard for this to reach that status. What we get is so good. Adams heat segment is pretty good, but what makes is Kerry's selling and always fighting back. As much as I like Kevin as Scrappy Doo what makes Kerry so great is that he sells too. Ab stretch is such a great move for Kerry coming out of criss cross to put on the Claw. I love how Adams sells it, gripping his midsection throwing a chair down. Kerry is relentless trying to get the claw on. Adams fighting for dear life from him putting it on his head was so dramatic. Kerry actually goes back to the front facelock, interesting move. He misses an elbow and Adams hits a nice dropkick. Kerry applies a sleeper that move was so popular in the mid-80s. DISCUS PUNCH~! Hart gets Adams' foot on the rope in a nick of time.


The finish is fucking excellent. Kerry gives pursuit to Hart and Adams nails him with a superkick on the apron. Ref reprimands Adams so Hart takes his shoe off Kerry and conks him. Kerry back in the ring dazed and confused (even he was not already) nailed with a second superkick to lose the belt.


It is two best workers in World Class and this one never dragged. The finish is really good, but other than that it does not have much of a hook. I like the finish a lot. Lets go ****

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